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DIY Confetti Surprise Jars


Today’s DIY project is sponsored by The Ravenna Girls.

Confetti!! I love a good confetti post, and this one has a whole lot of it. When I found The Ravenna Girls’ rope bracelets I thought about what a great gift they’d make for a Secret Santa exchange or a grab bag/white elephant/yankee (What do you call them!?) party. The perfect price point and they’re one size fits all. It’s a win win situation. Then I dreamed up these confetti surprise jars, an incredibly fun way to package the bracelet and keep everyone at the party guessing. “WHAT is under all that confetti!?” they’ll say. Here’s how to make it.

DIY Surprise Confetti Jars

Side note: Look at that flashy neon color! These would make great stocking stuffers too, if you aren’t into confetti explosions. For a full selection, check ’em out right here! Now back to the confetti…

Ravenna Girls Rope Bracelet


Supply List:

Confetti (Lots of it!)
Jar (This one is from IKEA. I spray painted the lid gold!)
Small Gift, like this rope bracelet from The Ravenna Girls
Tinsel (Optional)

Before I tell you the easy peasy steps for making this project, I want to tell you an easy peasy way for making confetti! If you recall, I cheat during the holidays and this is one of my favorite ways. If you can’t find pre-cut confetti in the colors you like, purchase some of the metallic fringe decor or curtains party stores sell. Then snip away at the ends until you have the amount of confetti you want. Since the curtains are pre-fringed it takes out half the cutting step! WIN!

DIY Surprise Confetti Jars (10) DIY Surprise Confetti Jars (11)

Now that you have your confetti, fill your jar up half way. Then add your gift and fill the rest of the way confetti, burying it.

DIY Surprise Confetti Jars (3) DIY Surprise Confetti Jars (5)

Spin your jar around to make sure the gift is totally hidden inside then add your lid and a piece of tinsel (If you’d like! And why wouldn’t you like!?) to finish it off. Bring this to a Secret Santa exchange or use it as a grab bag gift. It will certainly keep people guessing!

DIY Surprise Confetti Jars DIY Surprise Confetti Jars

All Photos by Studio DIY

I probably don’t have to tell you that this does make a bit of a mess! But a very pretty, well worth it mess. People don’t complain about that kind!

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