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DIY Fuzzy Phone


DIY Fuzzy Phone |

If you were wondering why we happened to be researching novelty phones, it was for props for the new photos for the site. What we quickly discovered was that despite having a million phones shaped like things, there was not a SINGLE fuzzy phone. It just really felt necessary that we have one for the shoot so… I made one! A DIY fuzzy phone. Perhaps not the most useful project nowadays, but it is the actual BEST desk accessory you’ll ever have.

I take pretend calls all the time now. (Not lying.)

DIY Fuzzy Phone | studiodiy.comDIY Fuzzy Phone |

DIY Fuzzy Phone |
DIY Fuzzy Phone | studiodiy.comDIY Fuzzy Phone |

So below, you’ll see our new project card! It’s a great way to keep all the instructions in one place, and you can print it if you’re DIY-ing on the go! We’ll be gradually updating old posts with it, too! =)

DIY Fuzzy Phone

Total Time: 15 minutes


Pink Phone
Pink Boa
Hot Glue Gun


1. Measure your boa around the phone's base and trim off the excess. Hot glue the boa around the base of the phone, working in small sections as you go along.
2. Cut two smaller pieces of your boa and repeat the above with each ear piece.

That's literally it, you guys! FUZZY PHONES FOREVER!

DIY Fuzzy Phone |

This project is the easiest though, and just hilarious. I love the idea of making this as a gift or for a slumber party, bachelorette or bridal shower. Every girl wants a pink fuzzy phone. JUST ADMIT IT, LADIES!

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