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DIY Giant Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box


DIY Giant Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box |

I’ve recently fallen in love with those vintage, kind-of-tacky, chocolate heart boxes. You know, like these!? They remind me of the Madonna Inn, but in chocolate form. When we were brainstorming decor ideas for our Galentine’s Day Slumber Party, we thought it pretty necessary to make a giant Valentine chocolate box to hang on the wall.

I actually feel like this needs to find a more permanent home at the Madonna Inn, now that I think about it. Hmmmmm! 😉 Anyway, it’s so simple to put this together and makes a pretty big impact. You could even make it a piñata! YESS!

DIY Giant Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box |

I don’t have a photo tutorial for this because, well, we didn’t know we were gonna love it as much as we did so we weren’t planning to share the DIY. BUT it turned out SO awesome and was so easy, that I wanted to try and share the tutorial anyway!

DIY Giant Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box

Total Time: 1 hour


Large Sheet(s) of Cardboard (We use a 40x60" one from the art store!)
Pink Wrapping Paper
Paper Doilies
Roll of 6" Wide Tulle (Get this in the wedding section of a craft store!)
Giant Fake Rose or Flower (Craft store or dollar store!)
Masking Tape
Scotch Tape
Hot Glue Gun
String or Fishing Line (Optional, if making a piñata version)


1. Draw a large heart shape onto the cardboard and cut it out. If you want to turn this into a piñata, trace and cut a second heart shape. If you're just making a wall hanging (like ours) you only need one!
2. Then cut several long, four inch wide strips. These will be the side of the heart. Tape them along the outside edge of the heart using masking tape, bending the cardboard as you go so it forms to the curves of the heart. If you're making a piñata, poke two holes in the top of the cardboard and run a piece of string, ribbon or fishing line through it. Then tape the back on to the sides, leaving a small piece of the side open for filling with candy!
3. Wrap the box in pink wrapping paper. It's ok if there are seams, just make sure to place them where  they'll be covered by your giant tulle ribbon!
3. Take several lengths of tulle and wrap it once vertically across the heart box and tape to the back. Then wrap another horizontally and tape
4. Cut your doilies in half and fold over about a 1/2 inch tab on each. Hot glue them around the outside of the heart box, over top the tulle too!
5. Cut the stem of your flower and secure it where the tulle crosses with a ton of hot glue!
6. To hang on the wall, use two command hooks, once for each curve of the heart!

DIY Giant Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box | studiodiy.comGalentine's Day Slumber Party | DIY Giant Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Craft Production by Annie Steward | Creative Direction by Kelly Mindell

Sources for all the pillows, decor + my outfit can be found here!

I think you could have fun with all different designs for these, even making mini versions!! Check out these for inspiration!

p.s. The best memory game EVER! (Beyoncé is involved. So is Lizzie McGuire.)


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