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DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop


Hip hip, hooray!!! So excited to share this amazing giveaway with you.. and a DIY too! I’ve teamed up with Minted this year for my holiday card needs (Did you know I make two cards each year!?) and they wanted to spread the love right on to you guys… and are giving away 100 Minted holiday cards to one lucky reader! WOOHOO! Last minute card-makers, I got your back! (And I’m right there with you!) You can get all the details on how to enter at the bottom of this post. But first! For those of you needing some quick holiday card inspiration, I created this easy peasy honeycomb backdrop, perfect for jazzing up a quick holiday photo of your family!

DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop

DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop

DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop4

5″ Honeycombs (+ Paper Clips to Secure)
Fishing Line
Painters or Masking Tape

Cut or measure a piece of fishing line to your desired length (this can be floor to ceiling, floor to table height, depending on what you’re going for!). Tape honeycombs, evenly spaced, along the fishing line using your painters tape. Repeat with as many lines as desired, depending on how large you want your backdrop to be. I had six strands of six honeycombs each for my 5×7 ft. backdrop.

DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop5 DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop7

Hang up your lines, using a backdrop stand or simply taping them to the ceiling, and then unfold each honeycomb and secure open with a paper clip.

DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop6

Now pop in front and take some holiday card photos!

DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop3

DIY Honeycomb Holiday Photo Backdrop1

And now, for the cards! Each year I actually do two holiday cards. One for Studio DIY, and one for Jeff and I to send to family and friends. Luckily, this backdrop worked for both! BAM! Of course, there were so many AWESOME options on Minted that I couldn’t decide which. So I picked two options for each, and am sharing why (and a few tips for choosing your designs) below…

DIY Honeycomb Backdrop for Holiday Photo Cards

Cherry Merry Holiday Photo Card

I really like the “Be Merry” sentiments when it comes to the holidays. It just seems to fit for Studio DIY, doesn’t it!? One of the great things about many Minted designs is you can move the text around, so I was able to perfectly fit the words in between the honeycombs. How fun is this option!? The card below got me with the sparkles. And the best part is, you get the sparkly effect without actual glitter getting on everything. Wonderful!

DIY Honeycomb Backdrop for Holiday Photo Cards3

Shimmering Joy Holiday Photo Card

And now for our personal cards…

DIY Honeycomb Backdrop for Holiday Photo Cards

Handlettered Merry Merry Petite Holiday Card

I am obsessed with Linda & Harriet. So when I saw there was a Minted line, I about lost my cool. Luckily one of them fit perfectly with our choice photo from our shoot (above)! That hand lettering! And then there was the gold. Oh, be still my gold loving heart. Since we didn’t have any gold in the actual photo, I liked the contrast between the clean and modern honeycombs and the fancy and elegant pop of gold. It’s all about contrast, people!

DIY Honeycomb Backdrop for Holiday Photo Cards

Shining Type Holiday Photo Card

All Photos by Studio DIY / Card Designs by Various Independent Designers for Minted

Now I just have to pick a winner for each cards… and, oh wait! I have to pick someone to win 100 Minted holiday cards, too! But first, you all must enter. Here’s the scoop:

To Enter to Win 100 Holiday Cards from Minted:

Leave a comment below telling me, what was the most memorable holiday card you’ve ever sent or received (A funny photo card? A lengthy letter? An illustrated variety?) by 12:00pm on Friday, December 13th. One winner will be chosen at random and announced here shortly thereafter.

BONUS! For an extra entry, follow Studio DIY on Pinterest and leave an additional comment below!

The Details:

One winner will be contacted via email and, due to the holidays quickly approaching, will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.


This DIY post is sponsored by Minted. All content and opinions are that of my own! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep the Studio DIY party going! Read more about my editorial policies here.


  • danielle

    We did one that was super serious on one side and super goofy when you opened it.

  • Amanda

    This is such a great idea! I love how simple and modern it is. And your little dog looks adorable all wrapped in christmas garland. Love it!

  • emily

    The most memorable card I’ve ever received was from my friend who managed a photo shoot for her and her husband in a full spectrum of monochromatic colors. Amazing! Thanks for the awesome give away!

  • Janice

    I got a card last year from a photographer who listed all the business names who she had worked with throughout the year. It was very simple but very heartwarming!

  • Brittni

    So cute. I love how Bella is looking at you in that first photo.

  • Kira

    The most memorable holiday card I’ve sent was a photo of my brother and me lying on a blacktop with chalk drawings around us. We were around 8-10 and I was an angel and he was a jester. What can I say, my crafty mom was Pinterest before Pinterest existed!

  • Thao Nguyen

    Most memorable holiday card?
    Would hands down be a card that one of my mom’s clients gave us from her family. One of the kids in the picture had obviously throwing a serious tantrum just before the picture was snapped. Poor family probably couldn’t get a decent picture 🙂 Kid is super sweet though. Was just shy.

  • Andrea

    My most memorable: receiving a holiday newsletter from family that lives out of town.

    Love minted and the cards you made! Adorable!!

  • Janssen

    We got one this year that looks like an instagram photo and all the “comments” on it update about the family’s year. So clever!

  • Janssen

    And I follow you on Pinterest (and can’t wait to see you at Alt!)

  • Shelby Adakai

    My most memorable card came from an anonymous sender a few years ago. Inside it read, “From someone whose life you’ve touched.” There was a gift card for $25 inside it, and to this day I still don’t know who sent it. It really touched my heart. I love your backdrop idea…pinning it to Pinterest now! 🙂

  • May

    One year, we were in the process of taking a bunch of photos – we have two crazy dogs, so it’s ALWAYS a process. Our chocolate lab was a puppy at the time, (who thinks she’s a lapdog still), wound up jumping up to try and eat a low tree branch, and wound up shaking buckets and buckets of snow down on the rest of us – and the camera timer went off at the PERFECT time. So it looks like someone’s pouring a bucket of snow on us, but in reality, it was just our nutso dog. Happy Holidays! xx

  • Dariel

    It wasn’t a card that I received, but rather one that my Aunt received from my cousin on Christmas eve. She announced her pregnancy to her mom in a lovely handmade note with the ultrasound hidden behind tissue!

  • Laura

    Most memorable was a DIY card from a friend – it was in the shape of a coffee mug and contained a packet of instant cocoa!

  • Katie J.

    The best card I have ever received was a beautiful hand-drawn christmas tree card! It was so pretty and thoughtful.

  • Katie J.

    I also follow Studio DIY on Pinterest.

  • Stacey

    The most memorable card was one I received from a friend. She and her then-boyfriend (now husband) were in a contest with other friends for “craziest” holiday card, so they sent out a photo card with the title “The Greatest Things are Homemade.” The picture was of one of their dogs squatting down, and they photoshopped Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo (from South Park) behind the dog. They then photoshopped themselves (in ugly Christmas sweaters, of course) around the dog with gift boxes to catch the fake #2…aka the “homemade’ gift! The creativity level was astounding, and they didn’t even win the contest!!!

  • Caitlin H.

    my childhood neighbor writes the BEST christmas letter recapping the year! It gets funnier and funnier every year!

  • Caitlin H.

    Also, consider yourself followed 🙂

  • Sarah

    I love love love the holiday cards that include pets – something about a festive pup tangled in lights or tinsel just gets me.

  • Sarah

    Also, you are now followed on Pinterest!


    My most memorable was a hand drawn card from my Aunt.

  • Jessica Boling

    My most memorable wasn’t an actual card but an online version. A friend of my husbands sent out a card of him and his wife in ugly sweaters with ’80’s hair and makeup and goofy faces.

  • Jessica B

    I follow on Pinterest.

  • Meg

    One of my most memorable holiday cards was when I was a kid, each family member hand-wrote a few sentences about ourselves from that year surrounding our family photo in the middle. We made photo-copies of it to send out, it was neat to have each person’s individual touch on the card.

  • ashley

    last year, i sent a christmas card with a picture of my cat in the christmas decorations

  • ashley

    i follow on pinterest

  • Monica R

    The most memorable holiday card I received was the worst…a friend sent a card that was literally a brag list of how awesome she was…coupled with stealing photographs taken by my boyfriend to use on her cover. Yikes!

  • brittany

    i make my christmas cards each year, and last year was one of my favorites. local celebrities were my theme, and everyone got cards with the attorneys, newscasters and other local celebrities who blow up our tv commercials all day decked out in glitter and santa hats!

  • brittany

    i also follow you on pinterest!

  • Maggie

    My friend sent a card with her cat’s photo, sitting on Santa’s lap. So hilarious! When you don’t have kids…gotta do something, right?

  • Maggie

    Also, I follow you on Pinterest!

  • ahren

    last year was our first year sending a card. we had a daughter a few months earlier. it made me feel veeerrrryyy grown up.

  • ahren

    i follow you on pinterest as well

  • Kevin O'Gara

    My most memorable holiday card would be a hand-drawn card with our family member’s heads glued to the drawing! It created a whimsical sort of collage that illustrated our adventures that past year. I’m in love with Minted’s cards though – they are all fantastic!

  • Kevin O'Gara

    Following on Pinterest (:

  • Kendra

    I try and do something really unique every year. Like my kids as the nativity or our gingerbread house with opening door and window flaps.
    This year I am struggling with morning sickness and if I don’t go simple, it’s not join to happen. Love Minted’s designs!

  • jen

    Our most memorable card we sent out was two years ago when we announced that my second daughter had been born AND my husband started his own chiropractic clinic all within the same week!

  • Liv

    Last Christmas I received a hand drawn Christmas card of Doctor Who’s #1 enemy, The Daleks, wishing me a merry christmas. It was extremely detailed and absolutely beautiful (to a nerd like me, at least). I framed it earlier this year! I love hand drawn Christmas cards so my friend in Maryland really nailed it.

  • Liv

    I also follow your Pinterest!

  • Mindy Merenghi

    Last Christmas was our first Christmas sending our cards and we sent one with some of our wedding photos. It was fun. 🙂 First married Christmas is memorable!

  • Mindy Merenghi

    I follow you on Pinterest! Under mdmerenghi 🙂

  • Jessica

    I have better skills with making Halloween cards, so those are my faves, my Xmas cards always suffer because I run out of time!

  • Holly B

    My mother sent out adorable cards this year with an illustration of her with her dogs done by a friend 🙂

  • Courtney

    My boyfriend & I decided to make holiday cards one year where we ended up taking our own photos with a tripod & timer (didn’t have a remote). Boy was that tough but they turned out super well 🙂

  • Sarah

    The best Christmas card wasn’t actually (only) a card and it wasn’t even meant for me. How that happened?My boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment (actually old but new to us) for the first time 3 years ago. We still spend our Christmas holidays with our families though (they both live in the countryside), so there is actually no point in putting up a tree if we aren’t even staying there during the holidays. I was a little sad though. An own Christmas tree is really something special and I love to create new traditions now that we live together but reason won.

    Then 2 weeks before Christmas our neighbor told us that she has a parcel for us that was delivered that day. Turns out it was to the former home renter. Since it didn’t look super official (and I’m very curious), I opened it and it was from an insurance company wishing me (actually not me) and my family a merry christmas and in the package came a tiny, tiny Christmas tree. In a pot. With tiny Christmas ball ornaments. That was the best present that I got that year. It made my day and my holiday.

  • Haley Riddering

    My parents moved to a little West African country called Burkina Faso almost three years ago. Their first year away was my first Christmas that wasn’t spent with them. My mother had prepared for that by writing me Christmas cards before she left and leaving them at the house I would spend the holidays at. They were just simple greeting cards with a few blurbs written on them.I hadn’t expected to see anything from my parents under that tree so it was really emotional. That was and probably will be the only time I ever find myself crying over a hallmark card with snoopy printed on it.

  • T.

    The most memorable holiday card was really a small book a young cousin made for my husband and I. The hand-drawn book detailed all the important things that happened in the year and ended with a drawing of her christmas tree. It was very sweet and very momorable.

  • T.

    Following on Pinterest!

  • Stacey

    I also follow on Pinterest (and Instagram)!

  • Natalie Kay

    I got this great holiday letter written by the husband of a family who called his wife out on throwing glitter in the envelope when he wasn’t paying attention, which, as you were reading his letter, was now all over your floor.

  • Natalie Kay

    I follow on pinterest & instagram

  • Sarah @TwoEconomists

    Back when our family used to do update letters, we did it from the perspective of our family dog one year.

  • Sarah @TwoEconomists

    I also follow on pinterest!

  • Ashley Simmons

    One of the best Christmas cards I received was last year. I had just began a new career path completely different from my fashion background, and was still feeling my way through “corporate America.” I was really feeling uneasy about my decision of starting a career that was so out of my element, and wasn’t quite sure where I stood with my new co-workers and clients. I received a personalized Christmas card from one of our biggest clients with a hand-written note stating how appreciative they were of all my hard work!!! It really brightened my day and made me feel so much more secure with my decision. It’s funny how the littlest things can really make the biggest impacts!

  • Kristen

    My favorite holiday card was a 2-in-1 that combined our holiday wishes with a birth announcement for our first child. It included photos of our new son and the verse from Isaiah 9:6 “Unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given.”

  • Kristen

    I follow on pinterest as thegauhaus

  • Brittney House

    I don’t have just one but my favorite type of cards are the ones with a personal message written inside.

  • Alyssa S

    My mom sends out a lengthy letter every year – and I love reading it! So fun to look back over the year and see all that the Lord has done.

  • Marissa

    My mother once received a card from an artistic friend of her naked, very pregnant body. I thought it was beautiful, my grandmother (who received the same card) thought it was horrifying. It was a pretty hilarious conversation.

  • Marissa

    And I also follow you on Pinterest!

  • Lea Anna

    My cousin, who lives on Maui, created a small snowman made of sand that her baby daughter sat next too. Cutest holiday photo!

  • Lea Anna

    I follow you on Pinterest

  • Meredith

    My favorite card was a family who each had on a different super hero shirt…they were rocking it! so cute

  • Meredith

    I follow you on Pinterest
    “myrtlesue” Meredith

  • Sand

    I remember sending cards my first year in college thinking I was such an adult at the time and they were just terrible!

  • Jamie

    When I was a kid, my siblings and I dressed up as Santa, Mrs Claus and their Elves for our family Christmas Card. Good stuff 🙂

  • susan smoaks

    one year we sent a holiday photo card of me and hubby. the picture was taken in a junk yard.

  • Vivian Ramirez

    My most memorable holiday card is my first ever gift card. There was nothing special about the card itself just some pictures of my friend and her new husband but something about receiving a holiday card at my own place made me feel so grown up haha.

  • Vivian Ramirez

    *holiday card NOT gift card

  • Jennifer Carver

    My fave was a holiday “we’re expecting” announcement!

  • Kate

    I love the letters or the year in review cards. It’s so fun to catch up with everyone through Christmas cards!

  • Kate

    I follow on Pinterest! Thanks!

  • Tiffany G.

    Last year we received a card with the entire family dressed in Spider-Man costumes– including the mom. The kids loved it!

  • Shae C

    My favorite holiday cards are the end of the year family newsletters! The more cheese, the better!

  • Shae C

    Just started following Studio DIY on Pinterest!

  • Callie Branch

    Our birth announcement/ Christmas card of our adopted twins – very special!

  • Callie

    last year my husband and i sent out our first holiday card which was super fun! we did a photo card with all of our favorite snaps of the year so of course Digby made multiple appearances 🙂

  • Callie

    Following on Pinterest 🙂

  • Erin

    The most memorable holiday card I have ever sent was the first holiday card my husband and I ever sent out as a married couple – and it announced that we were expecting our first baby!

  • Erin

    And I follow on Pinterest!

  • Lena

    I made a Christmas song cd of my favorite holiday songs. I stuck our family photo christmas card as the cd cover. It was a big hit!

  • Courtney snowden

    The most memorable card I ever sent was also the most ridiculous I ever sent! I had 5 kids 12 and under. It was in the dark ages (or the early 2000’s) before digital was all the rage. I took an entire 36 (32?) exposure roll of film and spent a bloody fortune getting it developed at 1 hour photo. I walked backed to my car, ripped open the package and prayed there was at least a few to choose from. Picture after picture after picture I found closed eyes, turned heads, hands all over little brothers hair, crying tear stained cheeks, and sister lifting her dress over her head, showing the camera her new big girl panties. It was so pathetic, I honestly started crying, which now seems even more pathetic! I wiped my tears, thought “hey, this is my life.” And sent that card out with pride.

  • Anna

    The most memorable Christmas card I ever received was from my grandparents with a picture of them on their little old vintage couch, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! They had their arms around each other and their twinkling eyes were filled with so much love 🙂

  • Anna

    Also, following you on Pinterest!

  • Lauren

    The most memorable cards I receive are always the handmade cards. Things from little loved ones, crafty friends, things that hands have made. What a special thing to give during this busy season of our lives. Merry Christmas!


  • Tania

    I haven’t send any Christmas cards yet! I moved to the U.S. a couple of years ago, and now with my baby I feel like it’s a tradition that I want to start! =)

    I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  • Tania

    I follow studio DIY on pinterest!

  • Christine Yahner-Divadkar

    The most memorable card I ever received was from my four children. It was a Father’s Day Card for Mother’s. I had been divorced a few years and the kids, though spread out 2 in College, one in High School and the youngest in Middle School, had all signed the card! Laurie and Michele were in school in PA, Wendy and Andrew were in school in MA, and yet they all somehow got this done and it arrived the Saturday before that Father’s Day Sunday! This was nearly 30 years ago, but the memory is still fresh in my mind…and the card is in a box with other memories.

  • png download

    What a cute idea! Thank you for sharing!! I want to make this backdrop for my room >.< I wonder could I make the honeycomb myself…

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