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DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers


DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers

There seems to be great Internet debate over when National Pancake Day. I’ve seen September, I’ve seen February, I’ve seen March. I happen to think pancakes are worth celebrating on ALL the days, but since one of ’em happens to be March 3rd, today is as good a day as any to encourage you to have a pancake party in celebration. A pancake party with pancake drink stirrers, that is! Wanna know what these are made out of? Foam makeup sponges! Sha-ZAM! Raid your sister/mother/roommate’s beauty stash or hit up your local drugstore and get yo’ pancake on!

DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers

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DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers

Round Foam Makeup Sponges
Craft Paint + Paint Brush (You could also use spray paint if you were doing a bunch!)
Bamboo Skewers

DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers
DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers

1. Trim the upper and lower edges of your makeup sponges to give them a less rigid feel and more of a pancake shape. Additionally, cut one of the sponges into a bunch of little square shapes. (This will be your butter!)
2. Paint the sponges a pancake color and paint the butter squares yellow. Let dry.
3. Poke the bamboo skewer through one of the pancakes and repeat with two others, forming a stack.
4. Finish it off by sticking the butter right on top of that skewer, covering the tip. (Secure with a bit of glue if necessary)

DIY Pancake Drink Stirrers

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It’s pancake time, people. Get on that! Oh, and wear this too.


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