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DIY Raining Men Costume


DIY Raining Men Costume

HALLELUJAH! It’s raining men. If you wanted an excuse to be surrounded by your favorite heartthrobs on Halloween, allow me to assist you. We made a raining men costume!!!! Inspired by our girl Tina, it’s pretty simple to put together and you may already have most of the things you need! Hello, boys.

DIY Raining Men CostumeDIY Raining Men Costume

DIY It's Raining Men Costume DIY It's Raining Men CostumeDIY It's Raining Men Costume DIY It's Raining Men Costume

DIY Raining Men Costume

Total Time: 2 Hours


Print Outs of Heartthrobs (You'll need two of each)
Fishing Line
Sewing Needle
Glue Stick
Rain Boots
Trench Coat


1. Cut out the heads of the all the heartthrobs.
2. Cover the back of one with a glue stick and lay a length of fishing line on top. Place another heartthrob on top of that, sandwiching the fishing line in-between. We made our fishing line all different lengths, though with the wind they all got quite tangled. If you will be outdoors a lot in your costume, I'd recommend making the strings shorter and even attaching some directly to the edge of the umbrella.
3. Use a needle to stitch each length of fishing line to the umbrella. Trim the excess fishing line.
4. Wear a dress, trench coat and rain boots and you're good to go!

DIY Raining Men Costume DIY Raining Men Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Bonus points if you just have spotify on repeat playing the song all night. I expect many videos of this one in the #studiodiyincostume feed… mmmkay!?

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