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DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos)


DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos)

There’s a story, of a Vanilla Bean lady. And GIRLFRIEND needed a little sunshine! Starbucks asked me to personify one of their Frappuccinos and I felt it was my duty to give Ms. Vanilla Bean a little retro sunbathin’ makeover! Ok, I mostly just wanted a flower swim cap for myself. But WE ARE ALL WINNERS HERE! So for those of you who might be throwing just one more big summer shindig, I highly encourage you to turn your drinks into the bathing beauties they were always meant to be.

DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos)DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos)

Dome Lids, (Like the Frappuccino lids from Starbucks!)
Mini Faux Flowers
Low-Heat Hot Glue Gun
Sunglasses and Drink Float, Optional (But encouraged. Duh!)

DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos) DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos)

1. Heat up your hot glue gun on the low setting. Add a dot of hut glue to the back (or the pearl, in our case, since we didn’t want the pearls showing) of each flower.
2. Attach to the dome lid, working your way around the lid as you go. Be sure to mix the colors up so you really get that swim cap look! Pop back onto your drink and you’re ready to dive in!

DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos)DIY Retro Swim Frapp(uccinos)

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Styling by Beautilitarian | Creative Direction + DIY Production by Kelly Mindell

On Me: Bathing Suit | Sunglasses | Swim Cap

I MEAN! Did you ever think a drink could look this cute!? Happy sunbathin’ folks!

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