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DIY Rudolph Ornaments


DIY Rudolph Ornaments |

Perhaps my most favorite recent purchase is this little Rudolph purse. I MEAN! It’s so good. Since we’ve been re-purposing my favorite colorful ornaments for a few seasons now and I was feelin’ inspired, I thought the ornaments would make some mighty cute Rudolphs too! Eeeee! They’re the easiest too. Just another project where I pledge my love for a hot glue gun… Now go make some!!!

DIY Rudolph Ornaments |

DIY Rudolph Ornaments |

Round Ornaments (Ours are from here, but these are a great option too!)
Red Pom Poms or Foam Holiday Baubles (Name? They’re always in holiday sections at craft stores!)
Craft Foam
Hot Glue Gun

DIY Rudolph Ornaments | DIY Rudolph Ornaments |

1. Place a bead of hot glue on the pom pom/foam ball and glue it to the center of one side of the ornament.
2. Cut out antler shapes from the foam and run a line of hot glue along the bottom of each antler, then place on the top of the ornament and hold in place until set.

DIY Rudolph Ornaments |
DIY Rudolph Ornaments |

Photos by Jeff Mindell

These would be a great little craft at a holiday gal pal get together, and they’d make really cute gift toppers too! You could snag a set of ornaments on sale and make a whole flock (pack? team? sleigh-full?) of them!

p.s. Cookies + milk printables for Santa!


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