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DIY Clover Patch Cake Topper


This cake is sprinkled whole lot of LUCK! Literally. There’s no need to search for the lone four leaf clover in this clover patch… they’re all lucky ones! These little toppers are so quick to make and while they look completely adorable atop a cake, you could top so many things with them for a festive St. Patrick’s Day! Pancakes, waffles, cupcakes! Mmmm! If you aren’t throwing a big St. Patty’s bash, this is the perfect way to add a little touch of the day to your March 17th!

DIY Clover Patch Cake Topper

DIY Shamrock Cake Toppers

DIY Four Leaf Clover Cake Toppers

Green Cardstock
Four Leaf Clover Punch
Hot Glue Gun

Use your clover punch to cut out a bunch of clovers in all different shades of green. Place a small little line on the top of a toothpick…

Clover Patch Cake Topper Shamrock Cake Topper

…and attach a clover! Keep going until you have as many as you want for your lucky heart desires.

St. Patrick's Day Cake Topper Shmarock Cake Toppers

Then it’s time to form your clover patch! Place the toppers all over your cake until you think it’s complete.

DIY Lucky Clover Cake Topper

All Photos by Studio DIY

You know a twist I’d love to put on this topper (to totally contradict my lucky clover patch idea)? Make all of the toppers shamrocks (with three leaves) and then hide just one four leaf clover in there! First one to find it is the lucky winner!

psst… You should probably throw in some shamrock streamers, too!

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