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DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers


DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers |

Takin’ it to the BEACH today! If you follow on Snapchat (Have I said that in enough posts yet to convince you to follow along over there!?!?), you saw my epic IKEA adventures the other day and this project was the culprit! We needed these chairs for some DIY sling beach chair makeovers!!!!

I love the look of sling chairs and thought whether you grab one for $25 or repurpose one you already have, it’s a fun little project to get you ready for the beach! It would also make a pretty great gift. My brother actually gave beach chairs to everyone in the bridal party at his wedding. Thought that was pretty cool! Of course, ours has a pastry theme. (His didn’t, ha!) Bikini or no bikini, you know I’m thinkin’ bout those PASTRIES! (The chair also happened to be the perfect pop tart shape…)

Pop Tart Beach Chairs-5
DIY Pop Tart Beach Chair |

DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers | DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers | studiodiy.comDIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers | DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers | studiodiy.comDIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers | DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers |

DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers

Total Time: 2 Hours + Drying Time


Sling Beach Chair (This is also a great way to makeover an old cover on a chair you own! Just make sure you wash it first to remove excess dirt!)
Fabric-Safe Craft Paint in White (Primer) + Desired Colors
Paint Brushes (Large to cover the chairs, small for details + touch ups)
3" Letter Stickers (If making the graphic chair! Bought ours at an office supply store, but you can find similar ones here too!)


Remove the sling fabric from the chair and lay on a flat (protected, with newspaper or a tarp) surface. IF you are using a patterned or other colored beach chair, paint the entire chair cover with a coat of white (or other light color as a primer). Let dry completely and add a second coat if you can still really see the pattern through. *NOTE: If you're wondering why the letters on ours look a little rainbow, it's because we ran out of white paint and used other colors. I planned to touch it up after the fact, but ended up liking the rainbow look, so feel fry to use multiple colors as your primer instead! Ha! Happy accidents are the best!

For the pop tart chair:

1. Paint the fabric pink, leaving a 3-4" wavy boarder around the edge. Let dry.
2. Paint the remaining fabric with a tan color and let dry again.
3. Use a small paint brush to paint round sprinkles in various colors all over the pink "frosting". Let dry completely.

For the graphic chair:

1. Decide what phrase you want to use. To lay mine out, I roughly cut out each individually letter sticker (without peeling the back off) and laid them on the fabric. Then I removed the sticker and placed in in place on the fabric.
2. Paint over all the stickers in your desired color and let dry. Repeat with a second coat if necessary. Let dry!
3. Carefully peel off each letter sticker.
4. Touch up anywhere where the paint bled with a small paint brush.

Since with these kind of chairs you can see the back of them pretty visibly, you can either paint the back a solid color or paint another pop tart on the other side. Once the back is dry, put it back on the chair frame!

DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers |
DIY Pop Tart Beach Chair |
DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeovers |

Photos by Jeff Mindell

On Me: Smiley Bathing Suit c/o Batoko | Floppy Hat (c/o & Apparel)
Also pictured: Striped Towel | Pink Towel | Beach Bag

So if you spot what you think is a giant pop tart on the beach… it’s probably just my beach chair! 😉 Now how about you fill in the blank…. My head says Gym but my heart says….????

p.s. A DIY Watermelon Hat!


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