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An Epic Rainbow Balloon Pool Party


Epic Balloon Pool Party

I’m soooooo excited to start sharing some of the fun things we put together in Palm Springs with you guys!!!!! As you know if you follow me on Instagram, we took a big trip to Palm Springs last month. We brought together an amazing team and created a few balloon-filled parties to help inspire some of the parties you’re throwing at home! Each one has several DIYs and recipes that we’ll be sharing in separate posts so you can re-create the whole shebang or just pull your fave element!

First up, an EPIC balloon pool party!!! I really love this one because it is super budget-friendly. A couple packs of latex balloons make a HUGE impact, and then you can add in a few of your fave novelty balloons and pool floats and honestly… that’s all you need! You could even have all your friends bring their own floats if you don’t have a collection of your own. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my #1 party tip is to have ONE big “statement” piece or surprise and the rest you can pull together with items you already have. A balloon filled pool is the most fool proof statement you can make! BAM!

Of course, if you want to take it to the next level, we’ll be sharing DIYs and recipes to help ya there too! 😉 But for now, take a look and tell me your fave part!!!! I hope you love it ALL!!

Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Rainbow Balloon BarEpic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Rainbow Balloon BarEpic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!Epic Balloon Pool Party!

Photos by Jeff Mindell
Creative Direction: Kelly Mindell | Art Direction & Styling: Cyn Moreno
Food Styling: Theresa Rountree | Production Manager: Samantha Martin
Models: Jenna | Cortney | Tisha | Leslie


Palm Springs Rental Home: The Harlow House

Frankly I Love Rainbows Party Pack
Disco Ball | Script YAY | Tropical Drink | Unicorn | Rainbow | Watermelon | Pineapple | Flamingo | Cactus | Sparkle Heart Emoji | Smiley Face | Girls Rule

Pool Floats:
Flamingo | Stand-up Rainbow | Rainbow | Cactus | Vanilla Ice Cream Cone | Pink Ice Cream Cone | Pineapple | Margarita | Watermelon | Red Heart | Red Ruffle Heart | Pink + Green Stripes | Rainbow Stripes | See-thru Rainbow Stripes
| Polka Dot Beach Ball

We recommend THIS PUMP for blowing up all your pool floats!
And we recommend THIS PUMP for inflating all your balloons!

Food & Bev:
Disco Tumbler | Watermelon Tumbler | Flamingo Drink Holders | Hot Pink Plates | Tropical Popsicle Mold | Snow Cone Machine | Snow Cone Cups | Crazy Straws | Sprinkles

Other Sources:
Bar Stools | Cocktail Tables | Rainbow Stripe Towel | Yellow Radio | Rainbow Umbrella

Click through for the snow cone, popsicle, rainbow sunnies and pool float cooler tutorials!

I also want to kick things off with a HUGE shout out to the team and the amazing gals you see workin’ it above for being so AWESOME. It was 110 degrees out when we shot this and nobody even batted an eye! Couldn’t have done this without a single one of them! Show ’em some love below!!!!


  • Maui

    This is soooo amazing!!!! Gaahhh super fun!!!

  • Michelle

    This looks so, so epic and cool! Wow!

  • Chelsey

    HO. LY. CRAP. This is the MOST epic thing I’ve ever seen!!!! You guys crushed it!!!

  • Terrell

    This is beyond FUN!!! I love all the shapes and textures – what a great way to style a summer pool bash! Where did the assorted colored glasses come from on the shelves of the drink station? They’re precious!!

    • Kelly

      Hi Terrell! Thanks so much! The glasses are actually all from Cyn’s (@hotpinkpineapples) personal vintage collection, but Etsy is a great place to find similar pieces!

  • Chelsea

    HOW FUN! This looks amazing! Y’all are definitely troopers for battling that Palm Springs heat! Awesome job!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Chelsea! It’s hard to complain about the heat when you’re surrounded by this much color + fun!

  • Amanda J.

    WOWWWW. Looks awesome! How long does a latex balloon last in a pool and in the sun?! Regardless, these pics are awesome, and it looks like so much fun. If only I had a pool!!!!

    • Kelly

      Since we were shooting in Palm Springs it was over 100 degrees and VERY sunny, but they still lasted about 4-5 hours. Balloons expand in the heat so a tip is to not fill them all the way up so that when they expand more they wont pop! In “normal” heat, they would probably last twice as long!

  • Jackie

    This looks so fun! I love all the bright colors and having it as a pool party is just perfect for the Summer! So cool!!

  • Les

    This is AMAZING!!!!!
    I can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  • Amy

    You. Guys. RULE!!! The most epic bash ever! So excited for the rest—you guys are KILLIN’ it!!

  • Katterfox

    These are the happiest pictures I have ever seen!

  • Jalee // artfuldays

    Best. Party. Ever!! You girls look like you’re having such a blast. I saw on Instagram that you’ll be coming to my state soon! Where will you be here in Texas!?? SO wish I could join in on the fun!!

  • Cayla

    Wow this is like a total rainbow party dream! LOVE IT!

  • LirioNohemy

    SO FUN! I kinda want to do a mini version of this with my inflatable pool Lol! I wont need that many balloons or pool floats I guess.. Ha! 🙊 Also, those sprinkle snow cones! 😍😍😍

    • Kelly

      The snow cones were SO good! Especially on a hot day! Recipe coming soon!

  • Amanda

    Holy crap! This is the happiest thing I’ve ever seen! I may have to scroll through this post daily just to get a happy buzz. 😃

  • Indya | TheSmallAdventurer

    Oh my gosh! This looks like the most fun EVER! Looks like you guys had such a great time whilst
    working 😄

  • Paige Flamm

    So many fun details! You did an incredible job on this party!


  • Sean Mahan

    This is just the idea I needed, we’re gonna throw a pool party in a couple of weeks and this is perfect! You guys killed with that decor, btw! Amazing!

  • Terry

    It’s amazing! My grandsons will go crazy for it! How do you keep the balloons from floating away? Thankyou

  • Tran Nguyen

    Where did all these awesome bathing suits come from?

  • Bea

    Oh my I LOVE THIS so much !!! This is beautiful, colorful and so perfect!!

  • Jo Smith

    I love the photos so much! Such a perfect pool party.

  • Lea elui

    This is soooooo cute like xoxo. Give me a shout out plzzzzz!

  • Helen

    This is just perfect! I did attempt to do something similar for my daughter’s pool party this past weekend, but the balloons did not hold.
    The foil balloons lost part of their color and opened/deflated, shortly after being placed in the pool. My pool has a salt water system, so keep that in mind before you spend on all the balloons. Or perhaps throw them out a few seconds before the start of the party and get your pics fast!!
    No luck either with the latex balloons, perhaps the Miami heat did not help.
    Thanks for the beautiful idea and pics. It was all still fun planning and overall.

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