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DIY Valentine Balloon Surprise Box


DIY Valentine Balloon Surprise Box

Today we are bringing back one of my very first balloon DIYs! The balloon surprise box that I made four (Woah.) years ago is to this day, still one of our most popular posts! A lot of you have used it for birthdays and gender reveals and today… I’m giving it a little revamp for Valentine’s Day and we used our new conversation heart balloons!

‘Cause a Valentine balloon surprise box is what dreams are made of. It’s a hilarious gift to deliver to your best gal pal or your significant other! Who wouldn’t want to open a box and see balloons come flying out!? (Attached of course, so they don’t actually fly away!) Best part is, it’s crazy easy too.

DIY Valentine Balloon Surprise BoxConversation Heart BalloonsDIY Valentine Balloon Surprise Box

DIY Valentine Balloon Surprise Box

Total Time: 20 Minutes


Conversation Heart Balloons
Large Box (At least 22x22x22 if you want to fit all six conversation hearts)
Helium (Check your local party/grocery store or grab a Balloon Time tank to fill them!)
Shipping Tape
Wrapping Paper (To wrap the box), letter stickers and printable conversation hearts (Optional, for decorating!)


1. Put together your box and wrap it, if you want to! I wrapped mine because I wanted to have a clean white slate.
2. Decorate your box. I used 2" red letter stickers to mimic a conversation heart and then cut out some of our printable conversation hearts and taped them to the box.
3. Inflate the balloons with helium and tie with ribbon.
4. Gather the balloons together and tape them to the bottom of the box. Be sure to use several pieces of tape so they are really secure in there. Ensure you leave enough ribbon so they can come fully out of the box.
5. If you'd like, add some other goodies to the box like real conversation hearts or a note!
6. Stuff the balloons into the box and add a small piece of tape across the top of the box.
7. Place on someone's doorstep, at their office or elsewhere and wait for them to open it!!

DIY Valentine Balloon Surprise BoxDIY Valentine Balloon Surprise BoxDIY Valentine Balloon Surprise Box

Photos by Jeff Mindell
On Me: Coat from J. Crew (similar) | Pants from Zara (Similar) | Shoes from ASOS (similar)

I still think this concept is one of the best gifts of all time. It’s so simple, but so memorable! Jeff… are you hearing this!? 😉

p.s. DIY Conversation Heart Rings!


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