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Gifts For Your Besties! | DIY French Fries Ornaments


DIY French Fries Ornaments |

Every year we put together a little holiday package of cheer to send to friends and folks who’ve helped make Studio DIY the best it could. And we always include a DIY ornament that symbolizes a running theme for the year. First it was party hats, then donuts, followed by emojis and now… fries! Before guys. Except just fries this time, because some guys helped us along the way too, ya know!!! After our fries costume was such a hit we knew DIY french fries ornaments were in order… and these would be the BEST gift for your BFFs to proudly display on their tree.

I actually love the idea of exchanging ornaments with friends each year, don’t you!? Let’s make ’em!

DIY French Fries Ornaments |
DIY French Fries Ornaments |

1/2″ Thick Upholstery Foam (Or 1″ Foam, which you’d need to cut in half. If you’re only making one or two ornaments, your best bet for either is to go to your local craft or fabric store and see if you can buy a small amount!)
Yellow Paint + A Paintbrush
French Fry Containers (You can use a template like this, then trace + cut out of red cardstock!)
Baker’s Twine
Hole Punch
Hot Glue Gun
DIY French Fries Ornaments | DIY French Fries Ornaments |
DIY French Fries Ornaments | DIY French Fries Ornaments |

1. Cut a strip of upholstery foam about 1/2 inch wide. Then cut the long strip into different size fries. You’ll need 10-12 fries per container, depending on how big yours end up being. Paint all of your fries yellow and let dry completely.
2. Punch a hole in the upper back of your fry container and string a piece of baker’s twine, about six inches long, through. Tie a knot.
3. Cover the bottom of the container with hot glue.
4. Quickly place your fries into the container so they attach to the glue at the bottom. The larger fries should be in the back, smaller in the front. Let set and you’re done!

DIY French Fries Ornaments |
DIY French Fries Ornaments |
DIY French Fries Ornaments |

 Photos by Jeff Mindell | Fries Before Guys Print from Design & Happiness

And if you’re feeling REALLY ambitious… you can make a whole tree full! Ha! What’s our motto!? #moreismore

p.s. A disco ball tree!


  • Ally Ebdon

    Oh my goodness this is amazing. I cannot say how much I love how well you do things. You take ‘go big or go home’ to another level.

  • brittni

    These are crazy! Of course you would do a french fry tree. So fun.

  • Anna

    Ummmm, genius! I love that you covered the whole tree with these.


    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I adore all things foodie and printable is even better! I can’t wait to make some of these up!! Thanks talented lady!!!

  • Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for my french fry ornament!!! EEPS it made me squeal with delight when I opened it and it’s a VERY popular ornament on our tree! LOVE! xo

  • Erica Brooks

    My daughter will love doing this. It’s such a fun idea. The pink tree is awesome.

  • Lesa

    I’m doing a McDonald’s Tree for the grandkids this year and came across your incredible french fry ornaments. Can you give me the details on what you used to paint the fries. Did you prime them first and then paint them? Thanks much!

  • Stacy

    Super cute!! What kind of paint did you use on the upholstery foam? I’m leaning towards spray paint..?

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