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Girl Boss Playlist


Girl Boss Playlist |
Graphics by Katy Jones

We tried something new with playlists last month and I think they’re going to become a monthly staple! A couple of you suggested playlists you’d love to see and Kristina mentioned a Girl Boss playlist in the comments and well… GENIUS! Love this idea, so we made it happen. All these girl-power songs are ready to work work work work work workkkk, or at least get you motivated to do so!

Who run the world!? GIRLS!

Click here to listen to the Girl Boss Playlist!

Feel free to keep suggesting new playlists you’d like to see below! And check out our Girls Weekend playlist right here.


  • Hannahbelle

    I’d love to see a workout playlist / dance vibes playlist!

  • Grace

    I’d love to see a playlist of happy, positive songs encouraging self love!

  • Carla

    You are so awesome. I can’t wait to listen to this as I call my muses tomorrow!

  • Kristina B

    OMG! This was really for me! YAY! I saw the post on Twitter trying to catch up on my scroll (missed my usual daily reading since I did the marathon on Monday) but am only seeing the full post now! THANK YOU! I can’t wait to dig into this playlist! AIN’T NO STOPPIN ME. COPYWRITTEN SO DON’T COPY ME!

  • Claire - StartACraftBlog

    this is awesome! I’m so glad you made a spotify playlist to make life easier. Thank you 🙂

  • myglobalclip

    this one is so wonderful and am excited to share this web post for those who wants to Saved YouTube videos in to Mp3 format.

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