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Last Minute DIY Costumes (Inspired by The TODAY Show!)


DIY Queen of England Costume

So I was just casually working and planning a wedding last week when the TODAY show called. (Ok, emailed, but nobody says that.) Now, I am an NBC girl through and through. I don’t think there’s ever been a morning in my life where the TODAY show wasn’t one. Willie Geist, he’s my man! (Along with Brian, of course, but his show doesn’t really cover DIYs…) So, I was just a smidge excited. 😉 They asked me to create some last minute costumes inspired by past costumes of the TODAY show hosts! That included Meridith’s version of The Queen of England, Natalie and Savannah’s Laverne & Shirley and Natalie’s Justin Bieber. Not my typical food-inspired get-ups but I had so much fun making these! You can check out the full scoop over on and make ’em all with stuff from your (or grandma’s or your husband’s) closet just in the nick of time!

DIY Laverne & Shirley Costume
DIY Justin Bieber Costume

My favorite has to be The Queen of England. I MEAN, any excuse to walk around with corgi balloons, right!? Shout out to Morgan for standing in as Shirley…. and a temporary Royal Corgi Handler. 😉

DIY Queen of England Costume

All Photos by Jeff Mindell

A huge thank you to TODAY for letting me be a part of their Halloween extravaganza this year! Now I’m going to dream big and pretend they discuss just how fantastic my renditions on air along with some witty banter about how I should never, ever dye my hair strawberry blonde. 😉


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