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How To Make a Giant Plush Cactus


How To Make a Giant Plush Cactus

I’ve got another tutorial from Arlo’s nursery here for you guys today!! Soooo many questions about this one, so I’m sharing all the details on how to make a giant plush cactus! This is a great option for my fellow plant-killers out there, and it looks so cute in a nursery or any room really. It’s a very forgiving sewing project, so you can make it to whatever size you so choose! Like the latch hook, I made this guy super giant (he’s about five feet tall) but I think a shorter version would be awesome too!

How To Make a Giant Plush CactusHow To Make a Giant Plush Cactus

DIY Giant Plush Cactus

Total Time: 2-3 Hours


Four Yards of Green Felt
White (or other color felt that matches the basket you're putting the cactus in!)
Sewing Machine
Green Thread
Hand Sewing Needle
Dowel (Same height as your final cactus)
Terracotta Pot (Just big enough to fit your finished cactus)
Hot Glue Gun
Tall Basket/Planter


1. Using the graphic above as reference, cut out the following from your green felt: 6 large body pieces, 2 medium curved arm pieces, 2 medium straight arm pieces, 2 small curved arm pieces, 2 small straight arm pieces.
2. Stitch two of the body pieces together all the way down one side. Repeat this with the remaining pieces, forming three pairs.
3. Stitch the three pairs together, forming one body piece. I kept all the seams on the OUTSIDE to create the rigged cactus look.
4. It may be easiest to grab a friend to help you with this next part. Flip the cactus body upside down and insert a dowel into the middle of it. Then stuff the entire body piece. You'll want to stuff it really full and firmly so that it is sturdy enough to support the arms.
5. Next, make the arms in the same manner you made the body piece. Stitch one of the curved pieces to one of the straight pieces, then repeat with the remaining two for each arm.
6. Stitch the pairs together. This will leave you with two finished arms. Trim any excess felt. Stuff each arm.
7. Hand stitch the arms in place on the cactus. You'll want to use a slip stitch to stitch all the way around the base of each arm, onto the cactus. Then, you'll want to add some extra stitching where the inner curve of the arm hits the cactus. This will help it stand up straighter.
8. Hot glue the end of the dowel into the bottom of the pot.
9. Place the pot inside the decorative basket/planter. Depending on how big it is, you may want to stuff around the pot with extra felt. Cut a circle of white (or other color) felt that fits within the planter, and then cut a slit and a hole big enough to fit around the cactus. Stitch or glue the felt in place.

How To Make a Giant Plush Cactushow to make a giant plush cactusHow To Make a Giant Plush Cactus

Photos by Jeff Mindell
You can find all the sources for other items pictured above HERE!

There ya have it, folks!! Two weeks shy of Arlo’s first birthday and I’ve finally wrapped up all his nursery projects. WOOOOO!!! Now, to turn his closet into a fort… 😉


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