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#MeetTheMindells: Our Proposal Story + Plans Begin!


How about two personal posts in one week!? Can we handle this? It’s been just about two months since we got engaged, and I wanted to start sharing a little bit about our wedding here on the blog. I’m not 100% positive how I’ll share about the wedding as we go down the line, whether it’s here or elsewhere, but as of now I’m planning to post about once a month, with an update and even a few questions for all of you that have already gotten hitched! It’s going to be another wordy post, so brace yourselves! And I’ll tell you right now, I’m going to be honest about the good and the bad of being engaged and planning a wedding. But first I figured, how better to kick this off than with our proposal story!?

Balloon Proposal

First, a little background on us! Jeff and I officially “met” our senior year of high school (I say “met” because we come from a pretty small town, so everyone knows who everyone is!). We were both voted best dressed and that kind of kicked everything off. Ha! About six months into our relationship, it was time to head off to college and I went to LA, while Jeff went to DC. We did the long distance thing for a year, before I realized the school I was at wasn’t right for me and so I transferred to DC. After another long distance bout while Jeff studied abroad in London, we graduated and moved to LA! We’ve now been together for 6 1/2 years and, well, it was about time to get engaged, no!?

I’ve been dropping hints to Jeff for a little while that I’ve always dreamed of a balloon-filled engagement. I usually get weird looks when I say this, but my favorite movie is Patch Adams. Remember it? There’s a scene where Patch fills a room with balloons and, well, ever since I saw that I’ve had it bookmarked in my mind. Lucky for me, Jeff took the balloon hints pretty well. And he recruited the one, the only Jihan of Geronimo Balloons to help him make my dream proposal happen! (Unbeknownst to me, of course. I was 100% convinced he would never propose. And I let him know it. Not my proudest moment, folks! But nobody tells you how hard the period between ring shopping and actually getting the ring is! Let me tell you: It’s hard. At least for impatient people like me.) Now, for how it all went down!

Balloon Proposal

I would like to preface this with the fact that I am virtually 100% impossible to surprise. I always figure things out, without trying, mind you. I love surprises. My best friend Lauren was in town, and surprise got engaged to her now-fiancé Mike while she was here! The four of us went to Trails in Griffith Park for lunch the day they were headed back home and Jeff decided to “take the long way” out of the park. I was pretty confused as to why he was doing this, but never really thought much of it. So, we went up around the hills and as we were coming back down, I spy a glorious, amazing Geronimo Balloons mirage in the park. Of course, in my mind, this is normal, and I exclaim… “OH LOOK! It’s Geronimo!” And then Jeff pulled the car over and parked.

Balloon Proposal

Everyone got out of the car, except me, I was frozen. At that point, I knew. And I was in shock. Like I said, I love surprises, but I never really get to experience them because of my perpetual figuring-it-out issue/talent. Jeff finally got me out of the car, and walked me up under the canopy of balloons AND THEN…. I don’t remember anything. HA! Isn’t that terrible? I was a sobbing, overwhelmed mess and all I remember is him getting on one knee, with the most beautiful ring ever, and me saying YES! Please tell me this has happened to someone else!?!? I’m sure what he said was beautiful and meaningful, but man… I really needed a transcript after the fact!

Balloon Proposal

Balloon Proposal

After it was said and done, I notice that in addition to Lauren and Mike witnessing this, Mary is there capturing the whole thing, my sister-in-law Eileen is there hiding in the trees, and Jihan and her sweet team are watching from afar too! The next few minutes were filled with crying, hugging and thanking everyone for helping pull off what was probably the first REAL surprise of my life, and obviously one of the best and most memorable days! It was amazing, and it really was my dream come true. Nevermind the fact that I was now ENGAGED to the love of my life!

Balloon Proposal

Balloon Proposal

Balloon Proposal

Guys. I didn’t waste any time getting started on the wedding planning, let me tell you! Jeff always told me he was afraid to propose because of the wrath of wedding-planning-Kelly that would unleash. I’ve been reading wedding magazines since before I met him, and used to work in the industry back in DC, so he was kind of right! Within 24 hours, I had emails out to my wedding dream team… and guess what? They are ALL. IN. Here’s a bit of the scoop on what we’ve done so far, how we feel about the wedding planning process, and a few questions for you guys! Help!

Balloon Proposal

The Basics

We knew we wanted a Palm Springs wedding. We both love the area and vibe in PS, and thought it would be a better destination than LA for our guests, who will largely be traveling from the East Coast and Mid-West. I have always dreamed of a summer wedding, but summer in Palm Springs would probably lead to me passed out in my dress in 115 degree heat, so fall it is! We’ll be having a fall wedding in Palm Springs, with about 150+ guests. And probably the biggest point of all that I should bring up, and shock some of you with…. Our wedding will not be a “DIY Wedding.” Will I DIY a few things? Of COURSE I will! But after working in this industry, I know the value of hiring professionals, and that is just what I plan to do. Since I DIY my brains out all the time, I want our wedding day, and wedding week, to be as relaxed, fun and stress-free as it can be, which means I’ll be putting down my glue gun and letting the pros handle everything!

(I should note here that I think DIY weddings can be so awesome for the right couples, and they can be great money savers if done well! It just isn’t right for us!)

Balloon Proposal

What We’ve Done

– First things first, we hired a wedding planner! I have always admired the work of Bash, Please and how their weddings incorporate unique, awesome elements but always seem timeless too. We do not want a trendy wedding. We are so excited to be working with Melissa and her team, and are so grateful already for their expertise.

– We hired a photographer, too! We’ve known for years and years that we wanted film photography for our wedding. The light and the feel of film photos really blows my mind, and is exactly what we’re looking for in our photos. Ever since working in the industry in DC, I’ve had my eye on Katie Stoops. I’ve told her and told her, expect a call when I get engaged and I wasn’t kidding. She was my second email, and she was IN! Yes!!!

– We hired a floral designer! Decor-wise, flowers are my number one priority. I want flowers everywhere, and I want them to be the main element of decor. Lucky for me, I used to work for the most amazing, sweet floral designer Holly of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and she has, I kid you not, asked me every time I’ve spoken with her since when we were getting engaged and when could she finally do my wedding flowers!? She was in Russia at the time teaching a floral design class, but that didn’t stop me from getting in touch to share the good news! She is in too, and I could not be happier!!!!!

– We got Jihan on board! After being such a big part of our proposal, we knew Geronimo needed to make a big ol’ appearance at the wedding. I am ridiculously excited to see what we can create together!

– We picked a date, and then we picked a date again. When you go in to your wedding with several vendors you just have to have finding a date that works for everyone is infinitely harder. We settled on one, had a venue contract in hand, and then found out the weekend we picked was Gay Pride weekend in Palm Springs. Unfortunately, this meant hotels were filling up and reluctant to giving us room blocks, and with 150 people needing a room, that wasn’t going to fly! So we went back to the drawing board and finally picked another date.

– And then! We booked a venue. We knew a few things when looking for a venue: We wanted the entire wedding outdoors. We really didn’t want a hotel, as we are interested in alternative catering options than what hotels typically offer. We wanted a venue that had distinct ceremony, cocktail and reception spaces. Guess what? WE FOUND IT! We’ll be getting married at a private estate called La Chureya. It is absolutely beautiful and the second we walked on the property we knew it was the one.

Balloon Proposal

What We Need to Do

– Hotels! We are locking in hotel buyouts and room blocks to ensure we find affordable (but awesome!) hotels for our guests to stay in, easier said than done in Palm Springs.

– We need to start looking at catering options. We want something non-traditional, and something that speaks to California. We’re thinking fresh, light, maybe even Mexican food!? I can’t wait to really start pinning this down. But Jeff will be taking the lead on this one. Food is his game.

– We need to find a DJ. We want our wedding to be a giant dance party. Enough said.

– We need to get our Save the Dates underway, since everyone is coming from so far. This is probably the decision that intimidates me the most. I looooveee paper. I love letterpress, I love gold, I love watercolor, I love a lot. Stationery says so much about what to expect at the wedding, so this decision will be a tough one for me!

– We need to get a design plan going! Believe it or not, I don’t have a clear vision for the wedding design. I know the style of flowers I love, and I know there will be gold involved, but this is one of the reasons we hired Bash. I need someone to help hone my design ideas into something cohesive, and that’s their specialty!

Balloon Proposal

How We’re Feeling About It

I won’t lie. We’ve threatened to elope approximately 173 times already. Nobody really tells you until you’re engaged how utterly miserable it is getting the guest list figured out. The politics, I tell ya! Sheesh! I think most of it is past us now though, thank goodness. The date change was also very stressful, but we’re signed on the dotted line for one now. Phew! We’re pretty excited about our list of to-dos, Jeff with the food, and me with the design elements. He always told me I could handle everything but the food, but it turns out he really wants to be involved in it all! Which I love (and kind of knew would happen). Luckily, we’ve been on the same page with every decision so far, and that’s really been great!

Balloon Proposal

Help! (Or, Questions for You Hitched Folks!)

Honeymoon Destinations! I would love your insight and suggestions on honeymoon spots. Here’s what were looking for: A beautiful resort with an amazing pool that we (ok, I. This one is really just me) can sit next to and not move, Water sports (Yeah, that would be just Jeff. “I really just want a jet ski,” says Jeff), A Spa (Again, Jeff.), A town we can walk to and experience not as a tourist. Ok, we’re both on board with that last one. We are not set on going on our honeymoon right after our wedding, though it would be great if we could. We’ve tossed around The Greek Isles and Portugal, but want to ensure that we are able to really relax and not feel like we have to tour and see everything. We’ve also thought about more exotic destinations, though with my medical history, we don’t want to go to some place super, super remote. The more unique the destination though, the better! So, do you guys have any suggestions!?

Balloon Proposal

Phew! I’m going to set a record this week for these lengthy posts! But I had to get you guys all caught up! I’m excited to share my planning experience with you all, and a few wedding DIYs along the way, too!

Balloon Proposal

All Photos by Mary Costa Photography

In the meantime, you can follow along with wedding updates via our #meetthemindells hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And, you can check out my ever-growing wedding Pinterest board.


  • Carlene: Healthfully ever After

    I’m SO HAPPY you picked Holly!!!! She did my wedding but more importantly than that, she’s a wonderful person. She’s full of joy, inspiring ideas and she always ‘gets it’.

  • Anne

    Congratulations! This is such an exciting time! I’ve recently started reading your blog, and I really like your personal stories (in addition to the DIY ideas) My husband and I were engaged for 2 years before we got married last year, and it was a wonderful experience. I actually DIY-ed as much of my wedding as I could (to save money) but it took so, so much time. I designed all of the paper goods, signs, guestbook, lighting, and did all of my own calligraphy (I am a graphic designer, so I felt like it was my duty to design all things paper). You are smart to designate some of the work to others, because it always takes more time and effort than you imagine it will!

    As for the honeymoon, I had always dreamed of going to New Zealand since I was a child, and my husband always wanted to go to Australia, so we went to both of those places. It was amazing, incredible, beautiful and perfect. We had beaches, mountains, jungles, cities, culture, nature, and everything else we could have wanted. Even though it’s expensive, I can’t recommend it more highly!

  • Mo

    I love this post! It’s so great to see your thought process, and I’m glad to see you chose to lay off DIY-ing your wedding a bit. No doubt that would be overwhelming! Plus, now you’ll get to be surprised all over again with the creations of your amazing vendors…what could be better than that?

    You are spot-on with the guest list situation. Navigating the politics brought elopement into our heads a few times, too. But, having done the whole giant-wedding-with-a-million-people, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Looking out into the audience after kissing my man was one of the most incredible feelings I’ve ever had in my life: to see everyone I love validating the decision we made as a couple to spend our lives together…it blew me away how powerful and beautiful it was to be surrounded by so many supporters. It is permanently etched in my head; I’ll never forget it. MANY MANY times during the planning process I didn’t think it was worth it to have so many people, but now I realize that everyone there was truly meant to be there.

    Since my husband and I still haven’t taken our honeymoon (we didn’t want to stress trying to plan a “dream trip” AND a wedding), and we still don’t know where we’ll take it, I don’t have any recommendations for you. My best advice would be to think about a place you both have wanted to go and explore what options are there for both of you. It helps that you have some parameters, so hopefully that makes things easier.

    Wow…I guess a long post elicits a long comment!

  • Helena

    I love that you don’t remember the actual popping of the question because … I don’t either! I remember Will down on one knee and then WEEEEE nothing. I’ve asked him to reenact it several times. Alas.

  • Claireabellemakes

    Thanks for sharing!! So lovely to have the proposal story documented here.

    We holiday in Portugal frequently as it is easy to get to from the UK. We stay in the cutest fishing village which has a huge beach for relaxing. Greek Islands rock too so I think Europe would be a great choice. Cyprus is pretty amazing too and the sealife is incredible as is the food.

    So happy for you guys!

  • Marifer Borbolla

    I loved this post!! Thanks so much for sharing Kelly. I’m not marry nor planning my wedding, but I hope then the day comes, my proposal will be as awesome as yours! Good luck with the planning and altough you don’t want to fill the blog with your wedding plans, I WOULD LOVE TO READ THEM!! so please don’t moderate yourself!!

  • ClaireNo

    So cute :):)
    Congrats !

  • Amanda Fitzgerald

    cinque de terre! we are going again in july!

  • Vicky

    Congratulations on your engagement!! This is such a fun time!! On your question about honeymoon. I suggest an little getaway for a few days right after the wedding and then a big exciting trip a couple months after. For us, the transition into marriage was…interesting. There is so much emotion involved with planning a wedding then being surrounded with family and friends and then this pretty big life transition. We spent a week on the beach in a nice resort but both felt like we would have rather come home after a few days and had our honeymoon after the transition had settled in a bit!

    Best of luck to you with your wedding and all involved AND your life together!!

  • Leah

    Yay, you two! I love your engagement story. It sounds like you are off to a fantastic start! I’m sure that you are in great hands with Bash Please. xo

  • Valerie | Lily on Fillmore

    this is amazing! i’m a relatively new reader to your blog, but i already know that the balloons are a perfect backdrop for your engagement. congrats lady — you deserve the very best!

    xx, valerie @ lily on fillmore

  • Maritza

    Congratulations!!! For your honeymoon I recommend “secrets resort” in huatulco,Oaxaca Mexico. The beach is till considered virgin beach property. It is a beautiful resort and the town of Huatulco is charming.

  • Vanessa: The Queen of swag

    We’re going to Europe for our Honeymoon. I say visit a place you’ve always wanted to visit and go there. We’re getting married in May in Hollywood. If you ever need any help or tips let me know. We’ve passed picking food and the DJ.

  • Tiffanie

    I LOVE IT!!! I love the photo of Jeff taking a slug of beer, too. SO happy for you two. I can’t believe you are high school sweethearts, that is amazing. You are going to be one gorgeous bride, and I cannot wait to see photos. Good luck with everything, Kelly! xoxoxoxo

  • brittanyMakes

    I’m literally crying I’m so happy for you two! Your engagement story is so adorable, something you will forever look back and think fondly of. After having a DIY wedding myself (for budget reasons), I will also forever recommend people to hire professionals. My biggest regret was not having a wedding planner. They are worth every penny. I can’t wait to see everything unfold! And I just love these personal posts!

  • Hana Malek

    Congrats Kelly and Jeff!! Beautiful proposal and I wish you both a wonderful fun process as you plan your wedding!!! How exciting, thanks for sharing this on your blog!!!

  • Elphy

    What a lovely post and congratulations!
    I’m from Greece and live in Athens so thought I could give you some insight about honeymooning here! Obviously for my honeymoon we didn’t go anywhere in Greece but we roadtripped around the South of France, Spain and Italy to some fabulous resorts!
    Greece, mainland and Islands, has some stunning seaside resorts (with spas and water sports as you requested) but visiting after September isn’t ideal – weather wise. Best time to come generally to the Mediterranean is from May to September for minimal rain and warm weather.
    If you have any specific questions about Greece I would love try and help! All the best!!

  • Brittni

    You are totally setting a record this week for lengthy posts and I love them! The photos from your engagement are so great. I cannot to see how everything turns out for the wedding.

  • [email protected] Nook

    OMG! Love this post. I still remember the photo on instagram from Jihan. I smiled so big when I realized that suprise was for you.
    I just got engaged over new years. I reacted the same way you did. It was truly the most magical day of my life. On the other hand, wish I was as organized as you guys when it comes to knowing what to do for a wedding. We have no idea when or where to do it yet. Cannot wait to start planning, looking forward to following yours along for ideas.

    Congrats again!

  • Lindy

    I’m going to die of cuteness! You too are the best! What a great story and I love that you’ve got it all captured in photos! Your wedding sounds like it will be amazing! Congratulations to you both!

    Our honeymoon itself wasn’t very romantic but s ince then we’ve been to Mexico (Mayan Riviera) 4 times with many more trips planned. It’s our happy place! We love the all inclusive resorts. There’s just something so luxurious and relaxing about not having to pay for meals 3 times a day or figure out where you’re going to eat. Just sit on the beach and do whatever else you want whenever you want (eat, excursions, etc.)! Awesome!!! The Barcelo chain is our favourite (5 resorts all in a row) but I’m sure there are some amazing adult only resorts too. Travel Agents will know but do some research on Trip Advisor too (recommend this for any destination). Not a very international destination in a way but if you will get beach and jet skis there. : )

  • Vanessa! (@withgreatheart)

    The look on your face when he is on one knee is priceless. That picture and the one of you hugging your friend brought tears to my eyes! Stories like yours make me love Love so much!

    “I won’t lie. We’ve threatened to elope approximately 173 times already. Nobody really tells you until you’re engaged how utterly miserable it is getting the guest list figured out. The politics, I tell ya! Sheesh!”

    YESSS!! Thank you for saying that!! We went through the same thing before our wedding. I tell ya!

  • Lisa Frank

    Congrats! I know your big day will be an amazing sight to behold. You mentioned the idea of Portugal for a honeymoon–it’s such a beautiful place! I’d like to recommend Quinta Da Marinha Resort in Cascais, Portugal, which is about 20 miles outside of Lisbon. ( Granted, it’s been about 25 years since I went there as a tween (it was brand new back then), but I have vivid + glorious memories of that place. It has fabulous pools, a lush setting, a spa, and amazing private villas. I still remember being in awe that each of our bedrooms had French doors onto a stone patio and the private backyard, we had our own kitchen, and one entire wall of the villa was floor-to-ceiling glass doors that opened to the outside. Every morning someone from the resort would bring us a platter with fresh croissants, gourmet cheese, fruit and vegetables and then we’d spend the rest of the day reading, relaxing in the sun and playing at the multiple pools. Pretty much heaven.

    I think it’ so smart that you’re choosing to have a *relaxing* honeymoon. My hubby and I got married in the Fall, but I was a teacher so we had to wait until the following summer for our honeymoon and just did a long weekend away immediately after the wedding. For our big honeymoon, we spent 3 weeks traveling through Italy…which sounds amazing and we *did* see some awesome places, but we tried to pack in way too much. Too much rushing, too detailed planning, packing and repacking, lots of trains. We were exhausted when we got home! For our 10 year anniversary next year, we’ve said we want to go somewhere and just relax and do *as little as possible*! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve, Kelly, so keep the updates coming.

    Lisa 🙂

  • Diana {Raspberry Bloom}

    Congratulations!!! I love when people share their love stories, the way he proposed is simply amazing. You look so happy, I wish you the best.

    Have a great day!!


  • Jamie

    Kelly, your last two posts have both made me cry. Quit it! But really, you’re such a talented and inspiring lady and I’m so happy for you. Congrats again!

  • micaela

    Hi , my first time comenting here , but i’ve following you for some time , love when you talked in portugal for your honeymoon , im portuguese , and live in a small island called porto santo , please take a look at it 🙂

    you deserv the best!

  • Bethany

    Loooove this post!! First, totally agree about the time between ring shopping and the proposal. I about died. But what an amazing proposal!! And I’m so happy to got to be surprised! We went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon and LOVED it. Recommend the Soufriere part of the island–Anse Chastanet and Jalousie resorts are gorgeous! There isn’t really a real downtown (that we found), but the Pitons and the water and the resorts are amazing. Check it out! And congrats!!

  • Nikki

    Wedding planning is so exciting, and the stress can feel overwhelming but I’m sure your awesome team will make it as smooth as possible. We celebrated our tenth anniversary in Costa Rica. It was awesome and we both said we would go back in a heart beat. Our time was split between two places, but the beach is my thing. Check out Lattitude 10 in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Max number of hotel guests is eight I think, salt water pool and private chef on the ocean front. It was an experience to remember! Good luck

  • Kevin | Thou Swell

    This is so exciting! I got goosebumps reading the post… Congratulations (:

  • Anita

    First of all, congrats!

    Just wanted to suggest a couple of things for your wedding. My friend, Corey, owns and runs the Sandwich Shop on the main strip in PS. Though he could not cater your wedding dinner, he could do catering for any pre-wedding activities if you are going to be there for a few days. You must try any of his sandwiches on his Dutch crunch bread. Crunchy on top and smooth inside.

    As for places to honeymoon, I’ve heard great things about Belize and the Dominican Republic. But if you don’t want to be too far from the States, Puerto Rico is always an option. And any islands of Hawaii.

    Good luck and have fun with your planning!

  • Anne Camille

    Félicitations ! For your honeymoon, what about the south west of France? I live near Saint Jean de Luz, a very famous city near Spain. This place is amazing because:

    – you can find lovely hotels, not too big, intimate, with pretty swimming pools, ocean view.
    – the beach are great, it’s a famous spot for surf, kite surf…. lovers.
    -all the small city near Saint-Jean de Luz are just little paradises : Biarritz, Guethary, Seignosse (more wild)
    -all around, it’s just “la campagne”, small villages, some among the most beautiful of the country, with a lot of culinary specialties (nothing weird, don’t worry 🙂 ), beautiful landscapes between ocean and mountains (les Pyrénées).

    If you want, you can rent a car and just follow the road, stop where you want, or you can just walk on “la promenade”, enjoying the view and the peace of this special place

    Sorry for my english, if you have question, please ask!

    bonne journée

    Anne Camille

  • emily

    cant wait to see your wedding! Santorini Greece is just flawless.

  • Annie @ The Littlest Sparrow

    Congratulations! I can tell how happy and surprised you were I hope planning goes well!

  • Christine

    WOW, this post is just GORGEOUS! I read through this and automatically pressed the follow button! I’m going to have the best time reading through your blog! CONGRATS on the engagement!

  • Katy

    Yay for Palm Springs weddings! And way to go with getting so much done already!!

  • Kelly

    Congrats! Go to Morocco! I just got back from my honeymoon in Morocco last month! If you need some visual inspiration:

  • Stacia

    The Grand Wailea in Hawaii is pretty amazing for a honeymoon destination. I think it would have easy access to everything you mentioned.

  • Terrie

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful post =) It sounds like you and Jeff have accomplished quite a bit already on the wedding plans! I wish you both the best =)

  • Kristina B

    I know I’m late to the party but might I suggest Savannah Georgia?

    It’s ADORABLE, there’s tons of food and shopping and it’s VERY arty with the School of Art and Design right in the Historic District. It’s right on water so you can jet ski and we stayed at the Azalea Inn which is the only inn with a pool. It’s small but lovely and the inn is glorious with AMAZING food the innkeeper makes herself every morning. Plus when you get back, there’s cookies in the dining room every night.

    The Georgia Aquarium is 4 hours away and they have whale sharks (HELLOOOOOO) or you can just sit your ass next to the pool and read which is what we did every morning.

    Also do a ghost tour. The horse-drawn one, not the walking one.
    Have fun!

  • Inês Figueiredo

    What a beautifull post and proposal. You lucky girl.
    I’m biased, but you should really come to Portugal!! We have everything you want, gorgeous beaches, pool side, spa, amazing food, great cities, friendly people and beautifull countryside to discover. Really, not exagerating…

  • Katie Meyers / Meyers Styles

    Congrats, Kelly! So excited for you guys – you’re the most darling couple and this story / photo shoot is bliss already! XOXO Sending loads of love your way.

  • Rachel

    Isla Mujeres is the quaintest most romantic island in Mexico right off of the coast of Cancun. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. It would be a dream to spend my honeymoon there.

  • Marilyn Blatt

    Hi Jeff and Kelly,

    What an original, creative, picture story line you guys created….brilliant!!! Reaily sorry that we can’t make this wonderful love story wedding! The best to you!!


    Cousins Marilyn and Warren

  • Ellen

    Hi Kelly,

    I’m currently searching for a wedding venue and stumbled upon La Chureya and then your blog and beautiful wedding. I was wondering how you went about visiting La Chureya and booking it.

    I plan to be in Palm Springs soon and want to see what I can set up before getting there.


  • Anushka Roy

    Welcome, I think your site may have program closeness issues. When I take a gander at your blog page in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in Internet Pioneer, It makes them cover.


    Jodi 2014 | Singles Out and About in Tampa Bay

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