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The Mindwelling: Kitchen Progress Report


White Zellige Tile

Remember this post I wrote a few weeks ago? Well, just THROW IT ALL AWAY! Ha! Ok, not all of it, but the kitchen has taken a major turn. All good things, all good things!

As you know, the plan was to do a really pretty deep mustard on our Semihandmade cabinet fronts. I picked out the perfect color that I loved and we got the cabinets painted just before we left on our Disney trip. While we were gone, our team installed the tile and finished the floors, among other things.

Mustard Kitchen Cabinets

And when I got back to see it all together, it just wasn’t working. I sat with it for a few days (Ok, I only really sat with it for a few hours. I pretty much know immediately whether I like something or not!) and decided we had to make a change. The floors were the main issue, though also the one thing we couldn’t change. The way the natural stain took to the new hardwood (versus the original in the majority of the house) was justtttt enough of a difference to REALLY throw off the yellow on the cabinets. I tried testing out a few different yellows but they either ended up being too light, too bold or too close to the shade of the floor. And back to square one I went!

Side note: I’m not gonna lie, I’m dreading the “I told you so!” comments. Ha!! I’m stubborn but I’m working on it! 😉 A lot of you were skeptical on the yellow, which is fair, it’s a hard and polarizing color. But I still want to go on record and say that with the right light and the right floors the yellow would have been amazingggggg and I still have high hopes to try it again in the future. For this space, though, it just didn’t work. RIP!

The next step was to test one billion other colors, from blues to teals to greens to purples to peaches to pinks. The deep jewel tones felt like TOO MUCH to be all over, and I didn’t like the idea of splitting the top to be white and bottom to be a color with the cabinet layout we have. Jeff quickly ruled out purples, too, and the peaches felt too close to the wood tones.

Picking a Pink Paint Color

So we finally landed on pink (shocker, I know!) and then tested one billion shades until…

Blush Pink Kitchen Cabinets

We picked the perfect one. Yep, the lightest, dustiest, almost mauve-y shade of blush. It’s actually called Galveston Tan from Dunn Edwards, to be exact.

And I really, really LOVE it! I was hesitant about doing pink because it’s already so present in the house, but the fact of the matter is the house is small and this helps the various connecting rooms (that now feel like one with the new arch!) flow well together. Pink is almost my “neutral” that connects the home and allows the various pops of other colors in each room to stand out even more. Plus, somehow Jeff and I can only seem to agree on pink as a color for this house (no joke!!), so here we are.

Brass Kitchen Bin Pull Handles

The change in color set off a change in the handles (the ones I previously picked felt too modern with the light pink) and the light fixture (the pinks pulled out different hues in the tile then the yellow did and threw me for a loop!) but the good news is I think the same rug still looks great so PHEW! Jeff was relieved. 😉

We’re nearing the finish line over here on this project and I cannot WAIT to share the final result. I also can’t wait to get these oak shelves up (they’re also from Semihandmade, where we got our cabinet fronts, by the way!) and fill them with all SORTS of colorful dishes!!!!!

Mindwelling Kitchen Update

As someone who does not pivot well after getting a “vision” stuck in her head, I’m really happy with the new direction we’ve taken on the kitchen!! It’s so light and bright now and a super happy spot to be in.

Before I wrap up this update, I need to give a shoutout to my interior designer friend, Jess of Taylor + Taylor, for dashing over to my house to help weigh color options after I texted her in a panic. You have to check out some of their recent projects over here.

I learned a lot through this change of plans, especially about picking and testing paint colors… would you guys like to see a blog post on that topic specifically?? I could write a novel!

Let me know below, and stay tuned in just a few short weeks for the final reveal!!!


  • Lily

    I’ve been waiting for this post all week! I’m bummed the yellow didn’t work out, because it’s my favorite, but I think you really need DARK wood floors to make it work. But I guess I’ll live because the blush color works SO well with the tile and really makes it look pearly and gorgeous. Especially when you add all the jewel tones in the open shelves, I feel like this whole room is going to be sort of oceany? In the best way!

    I would love to see a post on picking paint colors, because I love color but am terrified of paint and end up wanting everything to be white.

    As a super perfectionist, I know how hard it can be to admit that your plan A didn’t work out. Congrats on the post and on making a great decision!

  • elsie larson

    Love it! Honestly- pink is almosttttt a neutral at this point.

    My twisted brain already pictured it with Halloween AND Christmas decor and it’s PERFECT!!!!

  • Taylor

    I’m sorry you had to redo your cabinets, but I’m actually super happy you switched the cabinet color, I LOVE the pink (and really hate yellow), it’s going to look so amazing!

  • Sarah

    I was definitely in the skeptical camp regarding the yellow cabinets. I couldn’t visualize it but I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING those blush cabinets!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the space!!! I love the risks you are willing to take with color. They are so fresh and fun!

  • Brittany

    I would love to see a post about choosing paint colors! I need to paint my kitchen and am at a total loss right now.

    The yellow was definitely bold, but I think you will be happier with the pink. 🙂 It is a lovely shade and probably easier to update around.

  • Chelsea

    The new pink looks lovely! Bummer about the yellow! It really was a beautiful shade of yellow.

  • Karlee muse

    The yellow would have been amazing in the right setting with the right flooring and lighting! I’m not a skeptical person about the color yellow i think it’s amazing if done right but i also love the blush!!!!!! 😍 we are actually going back and forth of yellow and pink in our kitchen in the new house or emerald and white.

  • Jenna

    Love thst you are trying something different, even if your original plan didnt work out, there arent too many pink modern cool kitchens out there either! Cant wait to see it all come together!

  • Kristina B

    I would like to go on record that I supported the yellow (LOL) but for real when I scrolled to the pink on the cabinets I went YAAAAAHHHHSSSSSS out loud.
    SO. MUCH. WIN. Love it!!! When I had a house I totally picked a color palette for all the common areas and would highlight some in some rooms and others in other rooms so I am totally with you on this. CAN’T WAIT to see it all done.

  • Sarah

    Every time you posted about the yellow I kept thinking, she goes bold and it always works, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around a kitchen with such a vibrant color on all the cabinets, however, I am HERE for the pink! It looks AMAZINGGGG!

  • Marie

    PLEASE do a post about colors! I have such a hard time picking/sticking with colors or finding the right color

  • Char

    I’m so bummed the yellow didn’t work out! I was really feeling your mood boards and color schemes with it! Ah well. The pink is gorgeous too, so airy and bright! And it does look fabulous with the iridescence of the tiles and that stunning pink rug. I love your decor style.


    I LOVE that tile and LOVE the pink. So refreshing, light, bright and GORG! I found you on pinterest and I’m your new biggest fan. Cant wait to see how you fill the shelves and everything else!

  • Tricia

    I love the mustard. I could see it working!

  • Melissa

    I’m not going to say I told you so because I made my husband repaint the outside of our house all over again because I chose the wrong paint colour 🤦‍♀️. It’s just what happens but I think your pivot was perfect! Love the new colour! Now I want a pink kitchen.

    • Kathy

      Hi! I love the pink 💖 Question:. how are you going to install the shelves with the tile already installed? I am re-doing my kit now and this part is throwing me! tia

  • Holley Simons

    The pink looks so good! I want to use that shade to paint my bathroom cabinets. I had full confidence in your yellow choice, but sometimes you just need to see a color in a space to see if it will or won’t work. Your kitchen is going to look amazing!

  • Shannon

    i could not love the link more! i just painted my bathroom the exact same color, but am undecided on hardware. is the finish you’re going with an antique brass? xx

  • Melissa

    I am really loving the pink! Would’ve never thought of it or yellow. Currently I’m obsessed with navy blue cabinetry. So I want to ask did you have professional painters paint the cabinets? And if you don’t mind me asking how much did it cost roughly? Thinking about having someone do ours to the navy blue I’ve been dreaming about.

  • Michelle

    I think the pink looks absolutely great, and those tiles are just gorgeous!

  • Summer

    The pink with that tile looks AMAZING!

  • Hannah

    Hi, thank you for sharing you kitchen journey and also sharing your materials. I loved it! I wanna try this on my next project in liquid drywall

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