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My Favorite Things I Bought in 2019


Blue and Terra Cotta Animal Themed Kids Bathroom

I did this post last year (and still stand by everything there!!) and you guys seemed to like it so I thought I’d do it again this year and share my favorite things I bought in 2019! They are mostly basics or necessities, ok and some random other things too like chocolate, but all things that I’ve used the heck out of this year, or just fallen completely in love with. In no particular order, here we go!

The Best Things I Bought in 2019

Lunchbots Cinco Lunch Box: I researched a LOT before committing to a lunchbox for Arlo and I’m glad I did. I’ve really loved the Lunchbots lunch box we use. It’s pretty big for a toddler but he eats a lot, and I figure he’ll be able to to use it for longer than a small one, too. It’s easy to clean, I love the different compartments and I just genuinely have no complaints. Still looks just as good as it did the day I bought it.

Vans No-Show Socks (On prime here but more $$): I asked all of you what the best no-show socks were, because mine always were bunching up or falling down in my shoes and honestly I just thought everyone was lying about how great no-show socks were. Haha! But then a bunch of you recommended the Vans ones and even though they aren’t really my style (the checkerboard kinda drives me nuts) they really are GREAT! WITH ONE CAVEAT!! I had to buy the “girls” size NOT the “women’s” size. For reference, I typically wear an 8.5 (women’s) shoe. But I wear them in sneakers and boots now with great success! No bunching!!!


Disney+: This ones super obvious but I have just been so floored by the amount of content on Disney+, Disney’s streaming service they launched this year. In addition to having access to nearly all the Disney classics and Pixar line-up, there’s some incredible original content too. We absolutely LOVED The Imagineering Story (a series about the making of the Disney Parks), and Arlo is so in love with all the shorts (especially the “Forky Asks A Question” series). It’s SO SHOCKINGLY affordable for the amount of content in packs, AND you can download things to watch even when you don’t have WiFi (ie On a plane!!).

Target Laser Cut Underwear: I’ve had the same underwear since… high school? College? Wow that’s embarrassing to admit. It was stretched out and falling apart and I decided to finally make a swap. I randomly picked up a pair of underwear from Target since I’m there 400 times a week and honestly, I never looked back. Seamless, doesn’t show through anything, doesn’t ride up, comfy. It’s not cute by any means but it’s functional. Haha!

Quip Toothbrush: Jeff was gifted one of these electric toothbrushes and it made me want one, so I bought one for myself. My favorite part about it is the subscription model for the brush heads. I love that they ship new heads to you on a schedule so you always know when to change the head/battery. It just one of those little things that makes life easier!

Green Tile Shower | Master Bathroom

West Elm Organic Towels: West Elm gifted us these for our master bathroom (we keep our towels behind those baskets up there!) and they are the BEST towels. They are so fluffy and it feels like you’re in a luxury hotel, no joke. They wash up so well too, they still look like new!! We have the bath sheet size, because I like giant towels, haha!

Bralettes: 2019 was the year that I stopped wearing real bras. Now, I realize that I can only do this because I pretty much don’t have boobs but I have been SO MUCH HAPPIER and more comfortable! The two styles I have and love are this one from Madewell and this one from Richer Poorer. Ugh, why didn’t I do this sooner?

Reusable Cotton Produce Bags: I bought a set of these to use for our produce and I just love them. It’s crazy how much plastic and packaging is still found in the produce aisle, so this at least cuts down on some of that. They’re washable, and they have the weight of them right on the tag so you can subtract that from the total weight of your produce (and not pay for it).

best boyfriend jeans

7 for All Mankind Boyfriend Jeans: I have to disclose that I received these as a part of a sponsored partnership, and I told you in that post that they were the answer to my jean dreams, and they still are. They have become my ABSOLUTE favorite jeans. I have a size 25 and they fit like a loose/relaxed boyfriend jean, PERFECT for weekends when you want to be comfortable. I wear them all the time and they really haven’t stretched out at all, they still fit great. I may actually buy a second pair, one size down, for a more fitted version for when I want a different look, because I have no desire in trying to find another pair that I like. Hahah!

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds at Whole Foods: The dark chocolate covered almonds from the bulk bins at Whole Foods are just really good. Like, really good IMO. I’ve tried a lot, and I love that they are pretty chocolate-y. Haha! I fill up one of our produce bags with ’em and eat them… probably more often than I’d like to admit. THE BEST!

Ilia Mascara: I saw a few beauty bloggers recommend this and I was looking for a new mascara at the time so decided to try. I’ve been slowly trying to swap out make up items to be cleaner, and wow. I. LOVE. THIS. MASCARA. The double sided brush is extra great, I feel like I can literally see my eyelashes growing in front of me when I use it. Haha! I cannot recommend this enough. Everyone I know LOVES IT. I loved it so much, I switched to their eyeliner too and I love that as well. 10/10 recommend.

Ello Splendid Glass Water Bottle: Another result of a survey I did with you guys when I was trying to find a water bottle that fits all of my qualifications (no straw, see through, not plastic, the list goes on…) and you came through again!! I ended up getting the Ello bottle and am really happy with it! It is heavy FYI but that’s pretty much any glass water bottle.

I’d love to hear what your favorite 2019 buys were too! Any items you loved, use all the time or would highly recommend!? Leave ’em below!


  • Courtney

    Love this list! Especially the bralettes and produce bags. Have found any good outdoor storage solutions for toys? I live in the LA area too and have been trying to find something a little more stylish and kid friendly than a deck box.

    Love your IG.

    • Kelly

      SUCH a good question, though I don’t have an answer (yet) ha! I was just looking at all the random toys outside and thinking how gross they were now that it rained so much… gah I’ll work on figuring out a solution and will share if I do!

  • Mia G

    I remember the search for that water bottle! That was quite the list of requirements, haha. I’m glad you shared the socks here because I was just thinking that I need some more and the target ones are awful. THANKS!!

    Finally, the section about underwear made me laugh because for a second, it sounded like you were talking about having just a single pair of underwear that you’ve been wearing since high school/college on repeat (as in the only underwear), haha! I do the same thing too. I have some VS Pink pairs that are still comfy but I had them when I weighed more so they got stretched out in the butt and they move too much now! Target knows what’s up for underwear!

  • Jane Fleming

    With the Vans no-show socks, did you order the Girls size 1-6?


    HUGE second to the Ilia mascara. Life changing.

  • Jess M

    I am OBSESSED with your Disney print sweater – where is it from?!

  • email login

    That green tiles for bathroom is so gorgeous~ I wish I could do the same for mine.

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    The things you share are quite interesting. I would love to read this article of yours.

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