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Rainbow Cannoli


I say “holy cannoli” a lot but today I’m actually serious. Holy. Rainbow. Cannoli. You see, I came up with this crazy idea that it would be fun color-ize cannoli for St. Patrick’s Day. I like to think of it as blending my Irish and Italian cultures into one. You with me? But here’s a confession… I have never deep fried anything before! I know. Weird. So I called on my favorite foodie ladies over at Garlic My Soul and luckily they were up for the challenge! So one fine Sunday we got together, and made rainbow cannoli. Well, they made cannoli while I sorted sprinkle colors and sampled extras.

Rainbow Cannoli

You can head over to Garlic My Soul for more on how to make these colorful treats, but I’ll give you the short of it. Whip up a batch of your favorite cannoli dough, divide into six equal portions and color each with food coloring to make your rainbow colors. Then proceed as you normally would to roll out and fry your shells!

Colorful Rainbow Cannoli

Rainbow Colored Cannoli

To give them a little more pizzazz we added these colored candy coated chips to the ends, but I think regular sprinkles would work just as well!

How To Make Rainbow Cannoli

All Photos by Studio DIY

Remember, for even more about this rainbow-i-fied classic, head over to Garlic My Soul! What other foods would like you like to see take on a new hue!?

And if you want to match your dessert, you should probably make this rainbow fascinator too!

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