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The Mindwelling: Our Master Bedroom Reveal!


Cozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

I am so freaking excited about this room!!!!! I’ve just really been enjoying taking my time on each room in our house and really waiting for every *perfect* piece to make it’s way into our lives. So finally, I’m ready to reveal our master bedroom! This room was probably the most disgusting in the house when we bought it, covered in stained carpet, with a weird kitchenette off the back (now our master closet!). As a result, it feels especially awesome to have it DONE!

I wanted the room to be light, bright and relaxing so we focused on lots of whites and neutrals with only one “pop” of color, varying shades of soft peaches and pinks. You can see the before and after below along with probably a few too many photos of every detail. It’s so hard to narrow!

Cozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealMaster Bedroom BeforeCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealMaster Bedroom BeforeCozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

This room is the perfect marrying of Jeff and my styles. We worked with Room & Board to anchor the room with more structured pieces, like the Architecture bed, and than I layered on layers of texture and rattan. Similarly, we got this gorgeous structured dresser, but added brass textured handles. I love how it all came together here.

All of our bedding (sans one or two pillows) is from Kip & Co. They’re an Australian brand but recently launched in the U.S. too (HALLELUJAH!) and they are my absolute favorite bedding source. They have the most GORGEOUS linen and velvet pieces in all sorts of shades. The quality is beautiful and honestly their photos are freaking stunning.

Cozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

Across from the bed we decided to put together a gallery wall surrounding our TV. And yes, that large moroccan print you see up there is actually a TV, the Frame TV. This TV is my prized possession and literally worth every penny, in my opinion. Say what you want about TVs in the bedroom, but we love TV and it’s how we unwind so it was non-negotiable. The fact that this one looks like an art piece when it’s off is UNREAL. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a regular TV again.

Framebridge helped us out with the art we needed framed which was great because almost every piece we got was a strange size. They custom frame each piece so you don’t have to worry about fitting it into a non-fitting frame. And for the first time ever, I mix and matched the frames a bit and really like how it turned out!

Cozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

We also hung a couple pieces Arlo painted because how could we not!? I love that some of his very first artwork now lives in our room. And also can I get an AMEN for the difference that rattan shade makes compared to the (very weirdly placed) ceiling fan we started with!? Yesssss!

Cozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

What else… oh! I layered rugs for the first time ever here too. The vintage moroccan rug from Coco Carpets is the first item we picked for the room actually and set the palette. It’s so beautiful and we were told it tells a children’s story with the little people motifs it has within it’s design. Since the room is pretty large, and since we wanted it to “pop” more, we decided to layer it on top of a thick cable knit rug. I’m so happy with it!

Cozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom RevealCozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Furniture Sources

Architecture Bed* | Otis Swivel Chair* | Moda Dresser* with Graham Dresser KnobsRattan Night Stands | Woven bench from a discontinued IKEA collection, but here are two pretty alternatives!

Wall Decor + Art Sources

Gallery Wall: Girl with Sunglasses by Bouffants & Broken Hearts | Static Print by Almost Makes Perfect | Flamingo by Arielle Vey* | Family Line Drawing by Arnold & Bird | Nude Beach by Justina Blakeney | Muralla Print from Clare Nicolson | Up Illustration from Disneyland | Wedding Photo by Katie Stoops

All Frames in our Gallery Wall by Framebridge*
(We used this white, this gold and this light wood. Plus this canvas style for Arlo’s art!)

Frame TV with Birch Wood Frame | Umbrellas by Gray Malin* | Paintings by Arlo =) | Peacock Wall Hanging from The Family Love Tree (sold out, but similar items here)! | DIY Fringe Wall HangingCeramic Bells on Graham Wall Hook | Pink Triangle Frame | Pink Embossed Frame

Decor Sources

Bedding + Pillows: White Linen Duvet Cover* | Coral Linen Sheets* | Tassel Throw Blanket* | Velvet Euro Pillows* | Velvet Tassel Pillow* | Orange Velvet Pillow | Ivory Fringe Pillow | Pink Penny Round Cushion | Fringe Pillow (pink is sold out)*

Rugs, Curtains + Lighting: Cable Knit Rug | Moroccan RugPendant Light | Wall Sconces | Pom Pom Curtains | Pom Pom Tassel Curtain Ties | Brass Curtain Rods

Plants + Other Decor: Gold Plant Stand from Target (similar) + Basket | Orange Lantern from Anthropologie (similar) | Two Tone Basket Planter | Tassels from Pigment | Ceramic Floor Planter from Urban Outfitters (sold out, here’s a similar one!) | Faux Tree | Standing Rainbow | CactusCeramic Rainbow | Ceramic Plate | Brass Hand Dish | Pink Lidded Basket |  Closet Door Tutorial

Another Mindwelling room in the books! What do you think!?

The final piece of our master suite, the bathroom, is being demoed as we speak!!! Stay tuneddddd!

*An asterisk indicates an item that was gifted to us in exchange for inclusion in this reveal! All opinions are my own.




  • Sarah

    It’s beautiful, Kelly! Where/how is your tv plugged in? It truly blends in flawlessly.


    • Kelly

      It’s wired internally in the wall and then there’s a narrow box that comes with the Frame, plus a tiny cable box, that are hidden in one of those cable box “protectors” behind the curtain! Neither of them have to have a remote pointed directly at them in order to work so we’re able to put them anywhere in the room which is nice!

      • Andrea

        Hi! I know that you this is an old post, but I was just wondering where you bought your beautiful rug and dresser!!! I really want to design my room like yours, but I just can’t seem to find anything like the rug. Thank you for your time:)

  • Vicki

    I love it, everything looks great! QUESTION ABOUT THE FRAME TV though – where are the cable connections and box? In the wall? Hidden somewhere else? It’s absolutely stunning and I’m intrigued.

  • Joanne

    Your room is gorgeous! And that TV is amazing – will have to check it out.

    Plus I’m so honoured that you included my family portrait in your gallery wall. So pleased you love it 🙂

    Love Joanne

  • Marie

    Dumb question but what do you do with all the pillows when you sleep? I want more but never know what to do with them

  • Ashley

    I love how it all came together. I always look to you guys for color inspiration. I have a little one as well and as much as I appreciate clients who say white white and more white, I love the bravery to live in color! Kids need color and the kid inside us adults need color too!

  • Alexandra

    That TV is literally blowing my mind. What a beautiful space!

    • Kelly

      RIGHT!? Every night I walk into the room and go “WOW. This is the best thing I’ve ever owned.” hahaha!

  • Michelle

    The bed looks spectacular, and the rug as well! What a gorgeous room, I love the colors you chose!

  • Laura (A Beautiful Plate)

    Cannot handle how much I LOVE this room. The color palette is SO soothing and I’ve been obsessed with that frame TV for months – it’s gonna be my next tv for sure.

    Such a beautiful reveal guys!

  • Kristina B

    It’s gorgeous!!! CLAPPING EMOJIS!!!
    I love the pink glass sconces above your nightstands and am totally jells of that TV. It’s just amazing how it looks like art. Also love the drawing of the Frederickson’s as kids from Up!

  • Jennie

    Very matchy matchy!!

  • Emily

    Love it! Where is the piece above your bed from? Trying to find something earthquake safe to hang above a bed is proving challenging!

    • Angela

      Me too! I came here specifically from Apartment Therapy to find out where that piece was from and can’t see it listed sadly 🙁

  • Amy

    You did so good! This is flawless! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Justina Blakeney

    OK y’all…TOO GOOD! Just so pretty!! Thanks for including my work it’s an honor to be on your walls!!! xxxxx

  • Beatriz

    Hi Kelly, do you mind sharing where you got the plant on the gold target planter?

  • Leah Nicole Drapkin

    this is just so gorgeous. it’s like a dream! congrats <3

  • Christina Noyes

    DREAM CITY. So SO in love with this room! 😍

  • Jean

    That’s probably the loveliest room I’ve ever seen. I want everything in it — especially that Moroccan run! Well done.

  • Kelly

    Hi Kelly,
    What a beautiful space… I love all the pinks and melon colors you be chosen. I’m curious where you got the double pink doors? We’re the custom made? They are too beautiful!

  • angele

    gorgeous!! pardon me if I missed it, but what is the paint color used?? thank you!

  • Ricki Navarro

    Hi! I love that you perfectly harmonize with your bedroom, BTW! I am a total nut for before and afters, and hands down your work is the most fantastic, beautiful, imagination- stirring outcome i have ever seen. Perfectly done, and perfectly on my wave length. I will be copying shamelessly! THANK YOU!

  • Sarah

    Do you have what sizes you used for your frames/prints? This is absolutely breath taking. You are such a visionary!

  • Kayla

    I wandered across this bedroom on Pinterest and I LOVE the piece above the bed. I came in search of where you may have gotten this as I would love one for my room! I’m using a similar color scheme in my college dorm because your room is so stunning and inspiring.

  • Kirsten

    Hi! What paint color did you use? I love how clean and bright it is!

  • Heidi Wolinski

    Love this room! I’m trying to recreate it for my daughter and I’m having a hard time finding something like the wall hanging above the bed? Can you tell me where you got it? I’m surprising my daughter and look forward to sharing your design! Beautiful!!!!

  • Valerie

    What color of paint did you use on the walls?

  • Dani

    Gorgeous! Looks so airy and relaxing. Love that you have used pink in such a warm and beautiful mature way. Are the walls white or are they pink as well?

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