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The Ultimate Guide to Confetti


A Guide to the Best Confetti |

I happen to think confetti is appropriate for every occasion so we buy our fair share of it! With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to create an Ultimate Guide to Confetti to share some of our most favorite sources and kinds! Because if you don’t have confetti in your every day, you just HAVE to have it at NYE!

Make it Rain Confetti
A Guide to the Best Confetti |

Confetti comes in approximately one billion shapes, sizes and colors so I broke down my faves to share what I’d use each one for!

Ultimate Guide to Confetti |

First up, we’ve got confetti that is precisely cut into shapes like circles, squares and diamonds, “die cut” style. I think this style works particularly great for stuffing inside a balloon or sprinkling on a table. It definitely has a more clean and modern feel, so it’s great for parties that have that same aesthetic. It also comes in larger shapes so it looks great in photos when you toss it.

Sources for Confetti Pictured Above (from top to bottom):

Neon Square Confetti | Mini (Circle) Confetti | Large Circle Confetti
Custom Color CirclesTiny (Square) Confetti | Neon Mix Confetti | Pastel Diamond Confetti

A few DIY ideas for confetti shapes:

Add color to a table! | Confetti Stuffed Turkey

This is the style used on our confetti chairs too!

 Ultimate Guide to Confetti |

Next up, metallic!! This is the obvious go-to for New Year’s! I use metallic confetti to “dip” things in a lot. (See below!) Fair warning: This is the hardest confetti to pick up off the floor, so if you are impatient, I’d recommend keeping this for DIYs, gift packaging or table decor. You’ve been warned! 😉

Pictured Above (From top to bottom):

Mini Metallic Confetti | Bulk Gold Confetti (I buy mine at my local party store!) | Metallic Die Cut Mix | Silver Star Confetti

Some DIY ideas for metallic confetti:

Confetti Dipped Balloons | Confetti Dipped Accessories
Sparkly Pencil Cases | Confetti Surprise Jar | Ask Your Bridesmaid Gifts

A Guide to the Best Confetti |

Last is the classic hand cut confetti. I personally find this confetti the easiest to clean up. That means it’s great for stuffing confetti poppers with or tossing in a photo booth. This style also has the most “volume” so a little goes a long(er) way.

Pictured Above (From top to bottom):

Neon Scented Confetti (It smells like sunshine + rainbows!)
Funfetti Confetti | Hand Cut Party Mix | Classic Confetti Mix

A few DIY ideas:

Surprise Money Confetti Poppers | Smile Favor Gift Pouches
Surprise Message Confetti Poppers

Ultimate Guide to Confetti |

And if you don’t feel like making your own confetti… there is now a CRAZY amount of pre-made confetti poppers and cannons available! These are great props and favors, and they’re perfect for placing at each guests seat at a dinner party!

Pictured Above:

White, Gold + Neon Poppers | Confetti Rockets | Neon Confetti Wand
Push-pop Confetti Popper | White + Metallic Confetti Bomb | Blue Confetti Bomb

The Best Confetti |
Ultimate Guide to Confetti |

Additional Confetti Pictured Above:

Make It Rain Confetti | Jumbo Confetti

A Guide to the Best Confetti |

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Do you have a confetti fave!? I think mine is a toss up between the neon rainbow scented confetti, the make it rain confetti and the classic confetti (you can find TONS of this in the LA piñata disctric if you’re local!). I guess I’m a hand cut confetti gal at heart!

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