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11 DIY Throwback Halloween Costumes!


DIY Lisa Frank Costumes

There’s nothing better than a good throwback Halloween costume, am I right?! From our favorite 90s toys to the best movie references (cough, cough Mean Girls!!!), we’ve rounded up some of our favorite throwback costumes from Halloweens past. As always, remember to tag your costumes #studiodiyincostume if you make one! I love to see and share them!

1. DIY Lisa Frank Costumes (Above)

DIY Cosmic Brownie Costume

2. DIY Cosmic Brownie Costume

DIY Burn Book Costume |

3. DIY Burn Book Costume 

DIY Raining Men Costume

4. DIY Raining Men Costume

DIY Troop Beverly Hills Costume

5. DIY Troop Beverly Hills Costume

DIY 90s Toys Costumes

6. DIY 90s Toys Costumes

DIY Lite Brite Costume

7. DIY Lite Brite Costume

DIY Ring Pop Costume

8. DIY Ring Pop Costume

DIY Frosted Animal Cookie

9. DIY Frosted Animal Cookie Costume

DIY School Lunch Costumes

10. DIY School Lunch Costume

11. DIY “I’m A Mouse, Duh.” Costume

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