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DIY Hot Chocolate Costume


DIY Hot Chocolate Costume

I’ve been eyeing these foam rollers for a few costume seasons now wanting to turn them into marshmallows for a costume, and a DIY hot chocolate costume seemed like the perfect excuse! This could be turned into a really cute and easy mommy and me or couples costume with the other person dressed up in all warm and cozy clothes or a snowsuit, ready for their hot chocolate! It’s pretty simple to put together with other supplies from the craft store, because it’s the giant marshmallows that really make it!!

DIY Hot Chocolate Costume

DIY Hot Chocolate CostumeDIY Hot Chocolate Costume
DIY Hot Chocolate Costume

DIY Hot Chocolate Costume

Total Time: 2 Hours


40x60" Sheet of Cardboard (We get ours at Blick Art Supply Store!)
Pink Wrapping Paper (Ideal for wrapping the mug, we used sheets of poster board but it made more seams than I'd like!)
Pink Poster Board (For the handle)
Spray Adhesive
Hot Glue Gun
2 Yards Brown Felt
Three 4"x36" Foam Rollers
Box Cutter
Brown Elastic
Brown Shirt or Dress


1. Cut the foam rollers into four inch long pieces using your box cutter. Set aside.
2. Cut the cardboard sheet to the size you want for the body of your mug. I recommend bending the cardboard and curving it around your body before cutting so you can see how big you want it to be!
3. In a well-ventilated area, spray the outside of the cardboard piece you just cut with spray adhesive and cover it with the wrapping paper. Trim as necessary if there is any excess paper.
4. Cut a handle shape out of pink poster board. Fold over about one inch on each end of the handle and glue it to the body of the mug.
5. Roll the two yards of felt so you have a loose "tube" of felt and begin hot gluing it around the top of the mug. This should be uneven and a little "haphazard" so it looks like it's spilling over the top of the mug.
6. Glue the foam "marshmallows" you cut on top of the felt.
7. Glue to lengths of elastic (length will depend on the person wearing the costume!) to the front and back of the mug as straps!

DIY Hot Chocolate CostumeDIY Hot Chocolate CostumeDIY Hot Chocolate Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

These brown polka dot shoes are the freaking PERFECT accessory for this costume!! They also come in a flat version. I’m obsessed with them.

Remember, if you make this or any other costume of ours, tag me + share a pic on Instagram with #studiodiyincostume!


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