DIY Money and Gift Card Holder Cards for Birthdays
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DIY Money Holder Card


I don’t typically give money or gift cards for presents, but the birthday gift I got for my friend Lauren on the opposite coast required a little something. You see, I got her Fred. And Fred could really use a little spray paint because, well, we love a good pop of color. Since shipping spray paint isn’t exactly an ideal situation, I sent a little money along so she could pick out a color of her own. I decided to craft my own little money holder card using a simple envelope and, yes, another pop of color! This is perfect for birthday gifts or belated graduation presents. Keep reading for this incredibly easy DIY!

DIY Money Gift Card Holder Card

Isn’t this green color just fab? Lauren happened to recently paint her dining chairs this color, and I painted my dining table legs the same. Win.

DIY Money Envelope for Cards

Supply List:

Paper or Cardstock
Envelope template, I used the tiny one from Mini-eco
Double Stick Tape
Sticker for sealing (Optional, but encouraged!)

To Make:

Print and cut out your template. Trace and cut it out from your paper/cardstock. Fold and secure the side flaps to eachother with double stick tape, then fold up the bottom and tape again.

DIY Money Card Holder DIY Gift Card Holder

Use double stick tape to adhere the envelope to your card. Insert cash, gift card, a note, whatever! And seal!

DIY Money Holder DIY Money Holder Birthday Card

And there you have it!


All Photos by Studio DIY

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