Last Minute Easter DIY Projects
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Easter DIY Projects


And so it’s that time again, my friends. To wrap up another few weeks of holiday ideas and head into the weekend prepared to celebrate! Honestly, my love for Easter always shows up late. It’s not until about a month before that I just want to surround myself with pastels and Cadbury mini eggs. That’s probably a good thing though, huh? I hope you have a chance to get a little crafty this weekend, with friends or with kiddos. But mostly, I just hope you eat a lot of those Cadubry mini eggs so there’s less out there for me to get my hands on. Here’s all my 2013 Easter projects to encourage all of the above!



(From Top to Boom, Left to Right)

DIY Mini Easter Party Hats, DIY Egg Popper Tree, DIY Sequin Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Bunny Piñata, DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs, DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches

DIY Honeycomb Easter Eggs, DIY Party Hat Easter Eggs, DIY Tassel Ice Cream Spoons

Are you making any of these projects this Easter!? If you do, I would love to see a photo! Email me at hello{at}studiodiy{dot}com and I’ll include it in my reader project gallery!


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