Snowflake Stenciled Macarons for the Holidays
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Snowflake Stenciled Macarons


Not your average Christmas cookies, eh? If someone actually brought macarons to a cookie exchange, I think I would worship them. But anyway… I’ve been wanting to stencil macarons for awhile. I’ve thought about letters and hearts and oh so many things! But then it became December, and LA became terribly cold (Hmm… 60 degrees? hehe) and I got in a snowy kind of mood. This snowflake stencil did the trick to fancy up some macarons for holiday parties, or just your everyday macaron eating. With a little practice, it’s easier than you think!

Snowflake Stenciled Macarons

Snowflake Stenciled Macarons

Macaron Stencils

Macarons (I purchased macarons, but this would be so gorgeous on the peppermint macarons I shared here a few years back!)
Snowflake (or other!) Stencils (I used this Martha Stewart one! I recommend using new ones for this, so they haven’t touched paint or other non-edible items!)
Powdered Sugar
Toothpicks (For touching up!)
*In the end I didn’t end up using the sponge brush pictured, but alas, I didn’t take a supply shot without it. Keepin’ it real folks!*

If you want your stencil to be super centered, I recommend poking a tiny hole with your toothpick in the center of the macaron for guidance. Then position your stencil over the macaron and using your sifter, sift the powdered sugar over the stencil until the shape is covered. Swiftly and carefully lift the stencil off the macaron.

Powdered Sugar Macaron Stencils How to Stencil Macarons

Your snowflakes might not be perfect, but that is ok. No two snowflakes are the same, after all! You can use the tip of a toothpick to touch up anything super obvious, otherwise just embrace it! I was very surprised at how well the powdered sugar stayed put without any edible “adhesive”. I tried both a touch of water, and a touch of honey to adhere the powdered sugar to the macarons, but found in the end that it worked best with nothing at all!

Snowflake Macarons Snowflake Macarons

I was even able to flip my macarons over and the snowflake styaed put. The snowflake however doesn’t hold if it is dropped and set roughly on a surface. They are delicate! I recommend just snowflaking (That’s a word, yes?) a few macarons in your bunch for your party for a fun touch, but if you want to do ’em all… go for it! You could also probably use sanding sugar if you wanted some colorful snowflakes on your macs! Oooooh, aaaah!

Snowflake Stenciled Macarons

Snowflake Stenciled Macarons

Snowflake Stenciled Macarons

All Photos by Studio DIY

It took my a few tries to get my method down, but once I did I was pretty darn proud! You see, I’m actually not that great with stencils. So the fact that I was able to stencil food made me oh so very happy! Eating them afterwards is just a bonus.

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