12 Funky Backpacks for Back to School


12 Statement Backpacks for Back to School

So we have the “statement necklace” but what about the statement backpack? Come on, stay with me now. If you’re gonna be lugging gigantic textbooks all over creation, you might as well shout it from the rooftops with a bag that says “HAAAYYYY.” Here’s 12 of my fave funky backpacks (and book bags, too)!

No. 1 Emoji Backpack | No. 2 Iridescent Backpack
No. 3 Heart Tote | No. 4 Purple Holographic Backpack
No. 5 Quilted Holographic Backpack | No. 6 Dino Backpack
No. 7 Geo Pattern Backpack | No. 8 Conversation Heart Backpack
No. 9 Blue Leather Backpack | No. 10 Donut Backpack
No. 11 Rose Gold Tote | No. 12 I like Big Books Tote

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