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Our 2016 DIY Costume Lineup!


Studio DIY 2016 Costume Lineup

Trying something new this year!! After keeping our costume shop (!!!!!) a secret for SO LONG, I just couldn’t keep all our new costume DIYs a secret anymore! So this time around, we’re sharing the full line-up of NEW Halloween costumes tutorials that we’ll be posting from now through October! ZOMGZOMG!!!!

We’ve got dessert! We’ve got fruit! We’ve got costumes inspired by our favorite movies and songs. GANG’S ALL HERE!

Keep in mind, some of these do include other group “members” that aren’t pictured (like the 90s toys and the strawberry shortcake!!!), but I thought it would be super helpful for you all to see a peek at what’s coming. That way, you can plan out your costume a little in advance! You know, if you’re the planning type and all. 😉 We were able to use our new shift dress as the base for SO many of these! (See! That’s how versatile it is! I TOLD YOU!) Shop them below!

Pink Dress | Red Dress | Yellow Dress
Tan Dress | Green Dress | Orange Dress

Check out the tutorials at the links below!

Pool Float Costumes | Tropical Drink Costume | Pie Slice Costume
Toaster Pastry Costume | Chill Pill Costume | Frosted Animal Cookie Costume
Hot Dog Costume | Citrus Slice Costumes | Troop Beverly Hills Costume
90s Toys Costumes | Beach Ball + Palm Tree Costumes
It’s Raining Men Costume | Lisa Frank Costumes | Bubblegum Costume
Soda Bottle CostumesSchool Lunch Costume
Cookies & Milk Couples Costume

Now you know I wanna know… which one is your FAVE!? Leave me a comment below!

p.s. If you haven’t followed our @shopstudiodiy account yet, be sure to do that so you’re the first to know the deets when we officially open!



  • Amanda

    Yay! I appreciate the early post – it’s hard for me to wait so long to plan my costume! My faves are the bubble gum and frosted animal cookie 🙂

  • Kathleen

    Polly Pocket – yes!!!! So good!

  • Gina

    Toaster Pastry and Hot Dog!

  • Giselle @ The Busy Spatula

    It’s raining men! I thought it was super creative and I’ve never seen that one before. Also, I love the idea of reusing the shift dresses. Very smart!

  • Mikyla

    Oh. My. Gosh. The toaster pastrie! This is the costume I have been waiting for! Oh! And pumped for the shift dresses! Genius! Congrats on your new shop!

  • Helen

    This is so amazing! I love it all!

    XO Helen | http://www.KaleidoscopeSpinning.com

  • Kristina B

    I already told you I died over “It’s Raining Men” but it bears repeating. SO FUNNY!!!!! Seriously hysterical. The Frosted Animal Cookie is also totes amaze.

    • Kelly

      Hahaha! Gotta say, it’s definitely one of my faves. Mostly because I’m definitely game for walking around playing the song all day/night. 😉

  • Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    Bubblegum!!!!!!!! Oh they are all so good!!! Xo

  • Blythe

    OK I am definitely being a chill pill this year! Where do you get all these amazing ideas? The execution is always so good


    • Kelly

      YAY! And thank you! We brainstorm/collect ideas throughout the year! We actually have about a dozen costume ideas for NEXT YEAR already!

  • Mdlle

    The raining man one is hilarious!!! And so fun!

    But since we are doing Halloween with kid, they will find the fruits costume or tropical drink more fun! Is so great how the costumes are simply, unique and NOT cheesy-cheapy looking!

  • Mdlle

    Oh and the Bubble gum is so fun too! Which would be nice for a kids too since the ballons would make it easy to keep track on them in a crowd.

    You guys should do costume for baby & toddlers too!!! Seriously, they would be unique gift specially with this concept or reusing. Baby/toddlers costume would be great since that is the only time we get to chose the costume for our kids. Usually once they are 3 &up, they tend to go with Superheroes:)

    • Kelly

      Ha such a good point! We’d definitely consider expanding into kids costumes in the future!

  • Joy

    Troop Beverly Hills! But I can’t wait to see what other 90s toys you have in the works!

  • Brittany

    You’ve out done yourself! I’m really enjoying the tropical drink and lemonade. Too cute!

  • Emily

    I love the polly pocket costume!! can’t wait to see all the tutorials…your hamburger costume was a huge hit last year at all my parties!! 😀

  • LirioNohemy

    WOW!!! Bravo!!! These are seriously amazing Kelly! I cant possibly pick one so, the pop tart, animal cracker and it’s raining men are my top fave! ??

    • Kelly

      Well it looks like you’ll have to have a lot of Halloween parties to attend then… haha! 😉 I don’t think I could ever chose either!

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