What’s In My Clutch: Color Me Courtney


What's In My Clutch: Color Me Courtney

I’m so excited to introduce you to our next (Well, first? Since I don’t really count!) What’s In My Clutch interview-ee… Courtney!!! Courtney runs one of my favorite style blogs, Color Me Courtney, along with an amazing YouTube channel and the most candy-colored fashion Instagram ever!!! I feel like she is my style soulmate, with her love for bold colors, and I so admire her endless confidence and positivity!

Obviously, she was the perfect choice to interview for this series and she ROCKED our emoji clutch so hard! We sat down with her to chat about her not-your-average go-to nail colors, her style evolution and her “superpower”!

What's In My Clutch: Color Me Courtney

First things first, what are your must-have items that you always keep in your purse?

65% of my purse contents are usually candy coated, literally it’s almost entirely filled with snacks, candy, gum and sweet treats. Another 25% is lipstick (I usually have 3 or 4 with me at all times: a light pink, a red, a red/orange and a wildcard, that might be bright pink in the spring or oxblood in the fall/winter). I also almost always have my nails painted baby blue, I get a gel mani once a month or so, but keep “insta dry” polish with me in the same color, incase I need a quick pick me up before an insta photo #bloglife. The other items are standard and less exciting, keys (but my key chain is a popsicle, so points there right?), a teenie tiny wallet that is actually a card case, another card case filled with business cards, bobbi pins, headphones, and usually a portable charger (or three).

Oh! Baby Blue nails sound so fun and different! What’s your go-to color?

Sally Hansen Sugar Fix for Miracle Gel ( I even fell in love before I knew the name, and I’ve been wearing it for almost 4 years now). For the insta dry, the matching color is called “ Set Sail”.

What's In My Clutch: Color Me Courtney

Do you remember what your very first purse was?

I remember a pink sparkly one that was probably plastic (and also filled with candy) and a vintage floral one with a metal clasp that looked like it was made from a 1970’s SOFA , #classy. Both were small and quirky, so I guess I’ve never been one to fit the mold. I splurged on my first designer purse (over $750 in the fall of 2015 when I bought a nano chloe drew)

There’s always something crazy hiding in the depths of our purses, isn’t there? Any funny items you’ve found in yours?

Dog treats, dog bags and dog leashes #crazydoglady. Occasionally I’ll come across broadway ticket stubs (or playbills), sprinkles (normal), or odd shaped usb port (my favorite is Gerald from Hey Arnold).

I once had a umbrella the size of a metro card, it would fold up to be teenie tiny and was so cool! But, naturally I lost it, just like I loose all my metro cards, so that didn’t last long.

What's In My Clutch: Color Me Courtney

Let’s talk about your style! How has your it changed over the years?

Oh gosh, over the years (especially high school) I have had every style possible, some twice. Believe it or not I had a “punk rock” phase (I say this in quotes because it was more of a punk rock poser phase, but still) with pink hair (before it was trendy and mainstream) black tee’s and safety pin skirts; a preppy phase where I would double up on polo’s daily; a glitter rainbow sprinkle phase (that one never really left me); a tom boy phase and a match match phase where I would match my nails and my shoe laces to each outfit (and therefore replace / repaint them daily). Please note these were all in a span of one to two years, but for the past 5 my style has been pretty similar – bright, bold, over the top and out of the box… with a sprinkle of glitter.

Do you worry about matching your purse to your outfit?

I think of it as an extension, rather than a clutch. Sometimes I’ll find myself in a head to toe pink outfit and I’ll break things up with a red bag just to change things up (especially around Valentine’s Day). Other days I’ll do a color combo post (like blue and green, or orange and pink) where I have two pink pieces and three orange, in that case maybe the shoes, bag and an accessory will all be orange and the rest pink to really tell the color story. The best part about style right now, is you don’t have to match but you also don’t have to not match, you can really land anywhere on the style spectrum and as long as you rock it and (above all) have fun with it, it can work!

What's In My Clutch: Color Me Courtney

And last but not least, the classic: If you were trapped on a desert island, what’s the one item you would take with you?

If I can bring a living thing, my French Bulldog Waffles! If it has to be inanimate, red lipstick. I feel like I can do anything after applying a little red lipstick, scale a wall, sail the seven c’s, crack open a coconut, etc; it’s basically a superpower.

Ok just kidding! For real last question, as a fellow believer-in-lipstick, I gotta ask, have you found one that lasts?

I love colour pop! It’s pretty affordable and does a great job of lasting all day. My go to color is donut for something neutral or creeper for my go-to red.

What's In My Clutch: Color Me Courtney

Photos by Color Me Courtney

*Runs out and buys baby blue nail polish!* A huge thank you to Courtney for sharing the depths of her clutch with us! 😉 Since I know you guys love a fellow color-obsessed gal, if you aren’t already following her, be sure to do so here on Instagram and here on YouTube! And if her candy-coated style wasn’t enough reason to, stay tuned to her Instagram later today for a fun giveaway!!!!!

And remember, if you want to snag an emoji clutch of your own, February 15th is the last day to do so!!!


  • Ella

    I think it would be fun to actually show the stuff she carries around. The candy and keys she talked about aren’t shown at in the photos and it would feel more real if they were

    • Kelly

      Hi Ella! I think Courtney did an awesome job showing a bunch of the stuff she mentions, like her crazy awesome lipstick collection, business cards and metro cards! And that amazing Hey Arnold USB. Perhaps she felt there was already enough sugar covering the Studio DIY pages. Haha! 😉

    • Chemma

      I totally agree! A perfectly styled flatlay shot is always nice but if we’re really gonna call this “What’s in my bag” the post should have more realness to it. Show off the clutch more, style it with other outfits, maybe a review/praise of the clutch? This was more like an outfit post with background info on the guest, who sounds like a fab girl btw! As someone who is still on the fence about a clutch subscription, I thought these new posts were gonna be more about the coolness of the bag, along with being introduced to another fun blogger 🙂

      • Kelly

        Thanks for the feedback, Chemma! Our intention with this series was to dive into a few stories from different creatives about what they carry in their clutch, memories surrounding accessories and then exploring what they do best. In Courtney’s case, she’s a style blogger so an outfit feature made sense. We also have art directors, body positivity experts + other content creators coming up for future interviews and each one (and their accompanying photos) will take a different context, diving into their talents and specialties. So it’s one part clutch feature and one part tips or stories about the person carrying it.

        We purposely didn’t want these posts to be reviews of our clutches because that is what we use our Instagram (@shopstudiodiy) for. This was more to learn about different creatives and what they carry inside!

  • Kristina B

    I love that her red lipstick is called “Creeper”! HA!!

  • carrie

    Love this in my clutch series! So fun! Xo


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