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22 Of Our Favorite Colorful Holiday DIYs



DIY Plush Reindeer Head

The countdown to Christmas is on! Here are some of my favorite DIYs from years past, from decorations to wrapping ideas and more!!

1. DIY Plush Reindeer Head (above)

DIY Colorful Christmas Village

2. DIY Colorful Christmas Village

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

3. DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

DIY Graphic Stockings

4. DIY Graphic Stockings

DIY Ornament Pillows

5. DIY Ornament Pillows

DIY Junk Food Ornaments

6. DIY Junk Food Ornaments

DIY Circus Animal Cookie Ornaments

7. DIY Circus Animal Cookie Ornaments

DIY Lawn Flamingo Sleigh

8. DIY Lawn Flamingo Sleigh

9. DIY French Fries Ornament

10. DIY Christmas Light Sweater

11. DIY Rudolph Ornaments

12. DIY Emoji Gift Wrap

13. Funfetti Sugar Cookie House

14. Color Dipped Gingerbread Cookies + Cookie Swap Printables

15. DIY Disco Ball Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Light Leggings

16. DIY Christmas Light Leggings

DIY Donut Ornaments

17. DIY Donut Ornament

DIY Giant Ornament Balloons

18. DIY Giant Ornament Balloons

DIY Christmas Light Balloon Garlands

19. DIY Christmas Light Garland

DIY Emoji Ornaments

20. DIY Emoji Ornaments

DIY Gingerbread Man Piñata

21. DIY Gingerbread Man Piñata

DIY Clock Balloons for New Year's Eve

22. DIY New Year’s Clock Balloons 



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