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DIY Air Mail Costume


You didn’t think I’d let Halloween go by without a few DIY Halloween costumes, did you? The best kinds of costumes are certainly the ones that don’t require crazy supplies and materials. Enter the cardboard box. I have a slight obsession with all the air mail envelopes and stationery that boutique paper stores carry, so a DIY Air Mail costume seemed quite fitting! This was so easy to make and I happen to think my niece Kellyn (psst.. remember her birthday party?) looks quite adorable in it! I may be biased though…

DIY Air Mail Costume

DIY Cardboard Box Halloween Costume

Supply List:

Cardboard Box (Ideally, you should find a white box but had this brown one so I made it work!)
Poster Board and Spray Adhesive (If you don’t find a white box)
Shipping Tape
Scissors or Box Cutter
Air Mail Washi Tape (Alternatively, red and blue paint)
Stamps, Stickers, Other Mail Adornments (I printed out these postal marks and stamps on adhesive paper)

To Make:

Cut off the flaps on one end of your box. Tape the other side together as you normally would. If your box isn’t already white, use spray glue to cover the box in white poster board.

DIY Air Mail Cardboard Box Halloween Costume Kids Halloween Costume DIY Air Mail

Using scissors or a box cutter, cut a hole in the top of the box big enough for the child’s head to fit through (I used a bowl to measure and draw mine). Run strips of tape along all edges of the box. I used one strip to cover over every edge, and then carefully aligned another strip on each side to each to make a wider line. Alternatively, carefully tape off the edges and paint red and blue stripes on the edges.

Cardboard Box DIY Halloween Costume Air Mail Halloween Costume DIY

Carefully cut arm holes in each side. Decorate the box with stamps, stickers, and whatever else you think the faux-package deserves!

DIY Cardboard Box Air Mail Kids Halloween Costume DIY Cardboard Box Air Mail Costume

I printed off these postage marks and these stamps on adhesive paper, and asked my local mail store for that “Air Mail” sticker. Then I stamped on Dracula’s address, who needs a zip code when you’re Dracula!?

 DIY Air Mail Costume Tutorial

Air Mail Costume DIY

Add white, red or blue pants,  a white shirt and even a cute bow headband (This one’s from Target) and you’re done!

DIY Air Mail Halloween Costume

All Photos by Studio DIY

Look out for another DIY kid’s costume coming your way on Monday!

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  • Ashley

    LOVE! So, so cute

  • Terrie

    That is so adorable!

  • Kate

    Such a great costume idea! I’d consider doing this for myself !

  • Just Jaime

    Adorable! I love it!

  • Playa Paper

    You’ve inspired me! I love stationery as well as postage stamps. I also own an online stationery shop named Playa Paper. I offer all my handcrafted custom greeting cards, invitations, notecards, and stationery with postage included for free, so it makes perfect sense for me to dress up as a piece of air mail! Plus I am planning to give Halloween treat bags to my post office peeps at my local Redondo Beach post office, so yes, this is a very tempting costume. xo

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