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Five DIY Kids Halloween Costumes


We always had a parade at school and everyone wore their Halloween costumes and strutted their stuff. Of course there were always a few downers, the kids that were the Scream guy every year for instance, but we had some serious DIY stars in my class. How about you? We’re going to have some fun with homemade Halloween costumes once October rolls into town but I figured I’d get you started with a few fun finds I rounded up. There are about 75,000 more I could have included but I’ve managed to narrow it down to five. For now!

1. DIY Fried Egg Costume: This is just cracking me up! Ha, literally. I can’t get over how simple this is, foam core and a plastic bowl. I could make this right now if I wanted! If you have a younger child, you should dress them up as a chef or diner waitress. Throw in some bacon and a waffle as mom and dad and you’ve get yourself a full breakfast plate!

DIY Egg Costume

DIY Fried Egg Costume via FamilyFun

2. DIY One Man Band Costume: The cuteness factor has officially hit the ceiling. Stop it right now. A genius one man band costume that the little one is sure to have a blast with! If you can stand the noise…

DIY One Man Band Costume DIY One Man Band Toddler Costume

DIY One Man Band Costume via The Coterie Blog

3. DIY Monster Costume: Hmm, did this costume hop right offer Monday’s Monster Bash!? I always love a costume that’s built off sweats or clothes you already own (I was a dog one year because of that!) and you could have so much fun making all different monster costumes for a group of friends.

DIY Monster Costume

DIY Monster Costume via Fiskars

4. DIY Sock Monkey Costume: This may be the most complicated of the ones here, but you just can’t argue with a sock monkey costume. On a baby. A really cute baby.

DIY Sock Monkey Costume DIY Sock Monkey Baby Costume

DIY Sock Monkey Costume via Grosgrain

5. DIY Pigs in a Blanket Costume: Clever costumes are always a hit. Sure you could just be a pig. But why, when you could be a pig.. in a blanket! Those ears are just too much.

DIY Pigs in a Blanket Costume

DIY Pigs in a Blanket Costume via Real Simple

Ok, I’m sorry. I lied. But I have to also show you this. And this. You’re welcome.

What are your kiddos (or neices, nephews, students, etc.) being for Halloween!? If they’ve made a choice yet…

Have something you’d like to see in the “Five Things” series? Let me know in the comments below!


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