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DIY Apple Balloons


DIY Apple Balloons

Holy cannoli, everyone! Thank you SO much for all your tweets, comments and all around excitement about the studio tour yesterday!!! I read each and everyone and feel so grateful to have such an awesome group along for this crazy adventure here!! But today, we gotta get down to biz-ness. Back to school business, that is. If you (or your kids) are like I was, they’ll be heading back to school next week and I highly recommend having some apple balloons around to send them off! These are so simple to put together that you can get a whole bushel ready before the first day! Head on over to Balloon Time for the tutorial!

DIY Apple Balloons
DIY Apple Balloons

All Photos by Mary Costa Photography

These would be awesome for an NYC themed party too, wouldn’t it!? Yes.

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  • molly yeh

    oh man, where were these when i was in school?!? …and in new york!? hehehe. so cute, kelly!! and your studio looks AMAZEBALLS.

  • Brittni

    These are cute, Kel. Perfect for back to school.

  • Carly

    Plain undecorated balloons are SO obsolete these days. These apple ones are adorable. ♥

  • Caseperlatesta

    A great DIY project! Low cost but so cute! Love it!

  • Nicki

    Hi Kelly, greetings from Germany! 🙂

    I check on your blog every day and just wanted to tell you how much I adore you. Although I don’t have many occasions to realize any of your projects, they are still so much fun and make me happy all the time.
    Just now I saw the pictures of these apple-balloons and had to laugh out so loudly. I mean, hey, I’m surfing the web, clicking around, and then- boom, apple-balloons! Totally expectable, right? That’s just so cool. 🙂

    Please keep on being fun and bright and lovely! <3

  • Claire

    Just awesome! Love your manicure too!!

  • Rhonda

    These balloons are adorable! I’d love to make them but can’t open the tutorial link. Would you mind sending it to my email? Thanks so much!

  • Enma Webber

    Please, I need to get those Apple balloons for my niece’s party… Where can I get them???

  • Alyssa

    I want to create the apple balloons but I was wondering about what size would you sag the leaf and stem are? I don’t have the balloons yet so I’m having a hard time envisioning the proper proportions

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