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DIY Banana Costume


DIY Banana Costume

Someday we’re going to run out of fruit costumes to make (cough: pineapple, strawberry, citrus) but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! This DIY banana costume is perhaps the easiest costume we’ve ever made!?!? Yep, I think so. GET THEE A YELLOW PENCIL SKIRT!

DIY Banana CostumeDIY Banana Costume

DIY Banana Costume

Total Time: 20 Minutes


Yellow Craft Foam
White Craft Foam
Hot Glue Gun
White Shirt
Yellow Pencil Skirt
Yellow Shoes


1. Cut out four "peel" shapes from yellow craft foam.
2. Use them as a template to trace and cut out the same shapes from your white craft foam.
3. Hot glue a yellow peel to a white peel. Repeat with the remaining ones.
4. Put on your outfit and literally just tuck the foam peels into your skirt! THAT'S IT!! You can safety pin them for extra security if necessary.

DIY Banana CostumeDIY Banana Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Now that you know how easy it is, isn’t it so aPEELing!? 😉 Sorry. I’m leaving now…

p.s. IF you make a Studio DIY costume, please share with #studiodiyincostume on Instagram! Every year I do a HUGE roundup of all your versions of our costumes that I find there and I’d love to include yours!!


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