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DIY Birthday Confetti Popper


DIY Birthday Confetti Poppers

Is June a big birthday month for everyone else!? I feel like I know a ZILLION people with June birthdays… including myself! Yep, on Saturday I’m turning a quarter century! (Ha, I love saying that.) Yowza! So, I thought it would be fitting to share this fun little birthday cake popper I created with Cricut Explore™! I’m mostly excited about this confetti popper because it is filled with SPRINKLE confetti! And balloons and cake too, of course. I don’t discriminate. The perfect little party favor, and making a confetti popper from scratch is a zillion times easier when the Cricut does the cutting for you!!

DIY Sprinkle Confetti

Side note: Sprinkles are definitely my favorite thing to make with my Cricut. Can’t you tell!?

DIY Birthday Confetti Poppers

Cardboard Toilet Paper Tube
Wrapping Paper
Cricut Explore™
Cracker Snaps (Optional, this makes the cracker actually make a “pop” noise when it pops!)
Cardstock (In desired colors for confetti)
Double Stick Tape

DIY Birthday Confetti Poppers DIY Birthday Confetti Poppers
DIY Birthday Confetti Poppers DIY Birthday Confetti Poppers
DIY Birthday Confetti


1. Open up this project in Cricut Design Space. Follow the instructions for cutting the confetti popper wrapper out of wrapping paper and the confetti out of cardstock. If using a cracker snap, tape it down the center (long-ways) of your popper.
2. Wrap the wrapper around the toilet paper roll, centering it between the diamond cut-outs, and use double stick tape to secure. Cut a small piece of twine and tie it tight around the center of the diamond shapes on one end, closing up that end of the popper.
3. Fill with confetti, then tie up the other end. Done! To “pop” grip both ends tightly and pull/twist swiftly. POP!

DIY Birthday Confetti Poppers

All Photos by Studio DIY

You could also add some other treats in the poppers, but really… it doesn’t get any better than sprinkle confetti, does it!?


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