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DIY Citrus Slice Costumes


DIY Citrus Slice Costumes

I’ve mentioned a couple times how easy it is to turn a dress into a lemon (or orange, or lime!) costume with just a hat, but I wanted to take things up one notch with this one and make citrus slice costumes! It’s such a fun costume for a trio… or pair it with a strawberry and pineapple for a full fruit situation!

DIY Citrus Slice Costumes

We put together a video tutorial for all our fruit Halloween costumes (+ their free printables!). Check it out below!

DIY Citrus Slice Costumes

Total Time: One Hour


Yellow, Orange and Green Dresses
Yellow, Orange and Green Fruit Hats
One Yard White Felt (per costume)
Citrus Wedge Templates
Temporary Hem Tape
Needle & Thread (Optional, see below.)


1. Use the provided template to cut out four citrus wedges from white felt.
2. Place the citrus wedges along a straight side of the felt, just as you would lay them out on the side of the dress. Trace a half circle around them. Then trace another, about 1.5" wider than the last. Cut out this shape to form the rind of the citrus slice.
3. Cut strips of hem tape the length of each side of the wedges and adhere to the felt. Peel off the backing and adhere to the side of the dress. Press firmly to secure it to the dress.
4. Adhere strips of hem tape along the entire rind. Peel off the backing and adhere to the dress, around the wedges you just placed on.
5. Pair with a fruit hat and you're ready to go!

DIY Citrus Slice CostumesDIY Citrus Slice CostumesDIY Citrus Slice Costumes

Photos by Jeff Mindell

 Cute, right!? If you have a little one, it would also be cute to be a lemon and have your kiddo be a lemon slice! Eeeep! Adorable.

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