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DIY Color Blocked Wooden Cutlery


Today’s DIY project is sponsored by Garnish – Packaging Life’s Moments.

I have to be honest, today’s DIY project may just be my favorite to date! Color blocking is so very popular this season and I knew as soon as I saw the wooden cutlery on Garnish that I had to take the trend to the party-food level! Color blocked cutlery was born, and they are so fantastic for adding a pop of color (or two) to your party table and can be customized for just about any palette you please!


It all starts with a blank wooden utensil canvas. Aren’t these a great alternative to plastic utensils for an event!? (p.s. If you’re always on the look out for a unique “blank canvas” to get your craft on with, Garnish has so many options just ready and waitin’ for ya!)



Supply List:

Wooden Cutlery
Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Painter’s Tape
Plastic Wrap or Small Plastic Bags (Optional)

To Make:

First, tape off the ends of your utensils. For extra sanitary safety, I’d recommend covering the end you eat off of with plastic wrap or a small plastic bag before taping.

diy-wooden-utensil-project diy-color-blocked

It’s easiest to do one color at a time on all utensils. So decide what color you’re doing first (mine was copper) and mark off with tape where you want to paint it on each piece. I liked having a varied look so I chose a different spot on each piece.

Now, paint your first color! Let dry according to the instructions on your paint (Or use a hairdryer if you’re impatient like me!). You may need to do a second coat depending on your colors. Wait for the first coat to dry before doing so. Once your first color is completely dry, pull off your tape slowly and carefully. You’ll always want to leave the first tape, around the end you eat off of, taped.

diy-color-blocking diy-color-blocked-utensils

Using the same tape (to save tape of course!) mark off where you’d like your second color to go. And.. paint!

how-to-color-block color-blocked-party-cutlery

If you’re using three colors like me, repeat again. Once everything is dry you can remove all your tape, including that from the base.

color-block-party-cutlery color-block-diy-wooden-utensils

Color blocked utensils! BAM. I was so happy with my mint, copper and red-orange palette. Who wants to come over for a party?


diy-color-block-knives color-block-party-utensils

Garnish also has these little ice cream spoons (see ’em down there on the right!?). Hello adorable ice cream bar at a birthday party or baby shower!?

diy-color-blocked-spoons color-blocked-ice-cream-spoons

Definitely keep in mind to vary up the “statement” color on each piece so they don’t all end up mostly one color. As you can see, some of mine were boldly orange, some mostly mint and some shared the spotlight quite nicely.


think-garnish-wooden-utensils-color-blocked color-blocked-party-utensils

And there you have it! Head on over to Garnish to snap up a set of your own and get to painting! If you attempt this project, let me know what colors you choose! That’s the fun in color blocking after all, right!?

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This DIY project was sponsored by Garnish. All content and opinions about the provided product are that of my own. Interested in sponsoring a DIY project? Click here for more information.


  • Jenny @ Hank + Hunt

    This is AWESOME! I love it. Gotta get more of those wooden wonders and do this ASAP!

  • Erin

    So cute! I’m definitely doing this…already have the wooden utensils! Thanks for the tut 🙂 Also shared on my Facebook page!

  • Jessie

    These are darling!

  • Sarah

    Love this!!!! I’ve been dying to do a similar color blocking project…I’m dreaming of painting all the handles on my wooden spoons. So Great!

  • Kira

    Cute! These would be great for a party!

  • Chong

    What are some other books that writes about this? Can you kindly give a few additional
    book titles that may possibly be found in the nearby library?
    Many thanks!

  • Christine

    Hello! This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! What colors Martha paint did you use? I love them. Thanks!

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