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DIY Glittery Block Puzzle Valentines


Happy Post-Superbowl Monday! Did you all enjoy playing Bingo? Have a favorite commercial? Whether you watched or not, I’m moving onto Valentine’s Day today and I am going to be tossing DIYs at you all week long. Sometimes even twice a day! Like today, for instance! To kick off the Valentine’s Day frenzy, I’m bringing you a fun little puzzle Valentine, perfect for all your friends (or kids!) who need a little sparkle in their life! I turned these simple wooden blocks into glittery heart puzzles and they are a blast. They do take a bit of time, so let’s get to craftin’ ladies and gents!

DIY Glitter Block Puzzle Valentines

DIY Heart Block Puzzle Valentine

DIY Glitter Block Puzzle Valentine Supplies Wooden Block Puzzle Valentines

Wooden Blocks (Mine were 1.5″ and you can usually find them at your craft store!)
Craft Paint
Mod Podge
Glitter in Six Colors (Not pictured, I got too excited!)
Heart Template (Make one that fits on top of four blocks when pushed together)
Paint Brushes
Muslin Bag (Optional, for packaging)

Paint all your blocks whatever color you so choose! (Gold, duh!) Let dry. Line up your blocks as shown, lay your heart template on top (centered) and lightly trace around it onto the wood.

Gold Wooden Block Puzzle Valentine DIY Wooden Block Valentines

Working one by one, apply Mod Podge within your traced line on each block. Cover in glitter and tap, shake or brush off the excess. You only want to work with one color glitter (one heart) at a time or it will get confusing. Let dry.

DIY Wood Block Valentines DIY Glitter Heart Blocks

To seal the glitter, add another layer of Mod Podge over just the glittered part of your block. Let dry completely. You’ll now repeat all of these steps five more times for the rest of the sides of the blocks. Each time, simply flip the blocks to a blank side, align and trace… and so on! You can do this in a pattern (i.e. all bottom left quarters of the hearts on one block) if you’d like or just randomly.

DIY Glitter Heart Block Valentines DIY Wooden Block Puzzle Valentine

Package up in a cute, and also glitter adorned, muslin bag with a special note for your Valentine! (The glitter bag tutorial is comin’ at ya next!)

DIY Glitter Block Puzzle Valentine Tutorial

Isn’t it just so fun and sparkly!? Who cares what age you are, sparkly puzzles rock.

Glittery Wooden Block Puzzle Valentines

DIY Glitter Block Puzzle Valentine

Glitter Block Puzzle Valentine DIY

All Photos by Studio DIY

Are you sending out Valentine’s still? Or do you leave that to the kiddos nowadays? I used to love making Valentines for my friends in school so I still continue it to this day!

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