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DIY Day of the Week Underwear


DIY Day of the Week Underwear |

Perhaps I never thought I’d be doing a DIY about underwear BUT I feel like everyone LOVES(ED) day of the week underwear! It’s just so darn fun. So we’re making a DIY version today!! Each one with a sweet treat because… well, would you expect anything less?? Let’s make ’em!

DIY Day of the Week UnderwearDIY Day of the Week UnderwearDIY Day of the Week Underwear

DIY Day of the Week Underwear DIY Day of the Week Underwear

DIY Day of the Week Underwear

Total Time: 30 Minutes


7 Pairs of White Underwear (We found ours in the clearance section at Target!)
Printable Day of the Week Graphics
Iron-On Transfer Paper


1. Download and print the day of the week graphics on the iron-on transfer paper according to package instructions. (The graphics come mirrored on purpose!)
2. Cut around each graphic very close to the graphic itself. You want as little excess paper showing as possible.
3. Place the graphic, face down, on the center-back of the underwear and follow the package instructions for ironing it on.
4. Once cool, remove the paper backing and repeat with the other pairs of underwear!

DIY Day of the Week UnderwearDIY Day of the Week Underwear

Graphics by Katy Jones | Photos by Jeff Mindell

 I feel like this would make such a funny gift, and is just fun for the back to school season in general! Can’t believe I’m saying back to school. It’s AUGUST!?!? Crazy.

p.s. DIY no-sew embroidered loafers!


  • Michelle

    That is both such a hilarious and such a cool idea! And the designs are super cute!

  • Maritza

    This is pure retro awesomeness!

  • Gabby

    YES! This is so necessary. It’s fun, nostalgic, and keeps you organized 😀

  • Catherine

    THIS. IS AMAZING. Does it need to be a specific kind of fabric? i.e cotton vs. spandex etc… Definitely want to make!

  • Amy

    I love this! I need to make a set or two for my kid! 😀

  • Brittany

    omg blast from the past! i used to love day of the week undies, and completely forgot about them! ha! these are perfect

  • JaneEllen

    One of my first jobs after I was divorced was working at place in Tucson which made day of week panties, this was in mid 60’s when they were still really popular. The boss was real jerk and in those days were no laws about sexual harassment, he was king of doing that.
    These are really cute. Need to get some new undies so will, get more transfers.
    Have to be careful not to wear anything white over them or will show up, lol. Would sure give people something to talk about huh?
    Thanks for cute graphics to make fun undies. Have wonderful week

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