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DIY Easter Egg Balloons


My latest DIY for Balloon Time is up and… I’m kind of obsessed with it. Is that allowed? I couldn’t help but think that balloons look an awful lot like eggs, except they are upside down! So since I’m not one to follow the rules.. I turned them right side up and made some Easter egg balloons! Totally didn’t expect it to work, but it totally did! And I’m obsessed! I want to do a reverse egg hunt with these scattered all around. Wouldn’t that be AMAZING!? If you want to make the balloon egg hunt of my dreams come true, you can find the full tutorial right here.

DIY Easter Egg Balloons
DIY Easter Egg Balloons
DIY Easter Egg Balloons

All Photos by Mary Costa Photography, DIY Projects and Styling by Studio DIY for Balloon Time

Happy balloon crafting!!


  • Brittni

    These are SO cool. And I love your dress, Kelly. Perfect for Easter.

  • Haley

    These remind me of those wonderful balloons from the children’s book Angelina at the Fair. Does anyone else remember those?

  • Tammy

    These are cute! If I have time I might try them this weekend. Rather than helium though, I’ll probably tie the string on the normal place, blow them up with breath, and hang them from above 🙂 cheaper and easier, especially if you don’t have easy access to a helium tank or want to save a trip to the store :).

  • Meg

    May I ask how you tagged your photos so that when you quick on the pinterest button it already has a description attached to it? Thank you. This is a great Idea– I am going to try it for an easter photo session for my son.

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