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DIY Easter Egg-Gram


I like to think of this as the Easter basket you can mail. Sometimes you want to send a little somethin’ Easter-y to those who can’t be reap the Easter Bunny’s benefits in person, and this is your solution! A mailable egg-gram! Makeover a store-bought egg, fill it with all those Easter goodies (read: the best candy. Because we all know, this holiday has the best candy!), address it and send it off! Tada! Easter from afar. And you can still do it in time for Easter if you hop to it! (Ha, couldn’t resist!)

DIY Easter Egg-Gram
DIY Easter Egg-Gram

Cardboard/Paper Mache Egg Container (The large one is from World Market and the small one is from Ikea!)
Paint (Optional, you could just send as is! I used white paint to prime and watercolors to decorate.)
Sharpie for Addressing
Glue or Tape for Sealing
Goodies for Filling!

DIY Easter Egg-Gram DIY Easter Egg-Gram
DIY Easter Egg-Gram

1. Paint eggs if desired. I used about three coats of white paint to cover it, and then did a little watercolor on top!
2. Fill with eggs, candy and Easter grass and seal it up. How!? Well, the prettiest way is to actually glue it (hot glue or super glue) shut. That’ll seal it up tight but it’ll take some force to open. You could alternatively wrap the opening in clear shipping tape.
3. Address your egg as you would any package and take it to the post office for appropriate postage. Then send it on it’s way, as is, no box required!

DIY Easter Egg-Gram

All Photos by Studio DIY

True Story: My mom was the inspiration for today’s project. If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know she sends packages of goodies to all the grand kids (and me) every holiday, and since I imagine I’ll do the same for my kids and grand kids some day, I figured I’d get a little head start on planning my signature Easter treat…

For more Easter DIYs, head right on over here! Psst.. As I was finishing up this post I came across Brittany’s Easter egg care package, too! She used a plastic egg and a little “You’ve been egged!” Ha! I love it.


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