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DIY Faux Fur Blanket


DIY Faux Fur Blanket

A few months ago, we stumbled upon a faux fur MECCA in downtown LA. I immediately bought a bunch to use as props for our shoots. (In case you hadn’t noticed. Ha! We love it so much!!!) We threw a piece of the fur over the couch for one shoot and a ton of you messaged me asking where the blanket was from. I said, it’s just fabric! And then I thought… actually, this could so easily be made into a faux fur blanket!!

Making a DIY throw like this is basically like making a giant pillow and then just not stuffing it. Sew four sides, wham bam BOOM! A cozy blanket.

DIY Faux Fur BlanketDIY Faux Fur BlanketDIY Faux Fur Blanket

DIY Faux Fur BlanketDIY Faux Fur BlanketDIY Faux Fur BlanketDIY Faux Fur Blanket
DIY Faux Fur Blanket

DIY Faux Fur Blanket

Total Time: 1-2 Hours


1 1/2 Yards Faux Fur Fabric ( If you're in LA, we bought ours at City Fabric at 9th and Maple which has the best faux fur selection! You can also buy this rainbow one online here. And Joann's has a selection of faux fur, too! Our fabric was 60" wide so our final blanket was 60" by 54", you can make yours longer if you'd like!)
1 1/2 Yards Yards Fleece Fabric (We used a high-pile fleece but you could use any soft fabric you like!)
Sewing Machine
Needle + Thread
Fabric Scissors


1. Lay your faux fur fabric out, right side up, on the floor or a large table. Lay your fleece fabric, right side DOWN, on top of it. The two fabrics need to be the same size. If you haven't purchased fabric before, you will learn that they don't cut exact measurements, which means you'll need to cut one (or both) down on either of the cut ends. Do so using your fabric scissors.
2. Once they are sized correctly, pin the fabrics together all the way around.
3. Stitch all the way around with a 3/4" seam allowance, leaving about a 8" section open for turning. I used a larger seam allowance on this because the fur makes it a little harder to be super precise with a small one!
4. Trim across the corners, just before the stitching, which makes them lay smoother once turned right side out.
5. Turn the blanket right side out through the opening you left. Use your hands or your (closed) scissors to carefully poke out the corners.
6. Hand stitch the opening closed using a slip-stitch. Knot at the end and you're done!

DIY Faux Fur Blanket DIY Faux Fur Blanket DIY Faux Fur BlanketDIY Faux Fur Blanket

Photos by Jeff Mindell

If you’re not into the rainbow faux fur variety (What!? Who are you!?), there’s so many other fun solid colors in this shop! Bella has claimed this one as her own so I guess I’ll be making another…

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