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DIY Glitter Foam Fingers


Well happy Monday everyone! I still have a bit of an Alt Summit hangover (You don’t get much sleep when you’re in awesome company!) but that doesn’t stop me from sharing a Super Bowl DIY with you today! It is this weekend after all! So I bring you glitter foam fingers. And, yes, you did read that right. If you ask me, adding a little sparkle never hurts (even when football is involved!) and so I’ve gone and covered typical game fare in some glitz! I’m pretty sure your guests will get a big kick out of these, too!

DIY Glitter Foam Fingers

Super Bowl Party DIY

Mini Foam Fingers
(Now’s the time to use that Amazon Prime!)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Straws or Skewers

Pop the foam finger on a skewer or straw while working (You can use your finger like I did, but it got a little messy so I wouldn’t recommend it!). Cover your foam finger with Mod Podge then glitter it up! Let dry for an hour or so.

Glitter Foam Finger DIY Tutorial DIY Glitter Foam Finger

Paint a second coat of Mod Podge over your glitter to seal it and let dry for 24 hours. Because the fingers are foam, it takes longer to dry so make sure you leave enough time!

Foam Finger DIY DIY Foam Fingers for the Super Bowl

I just think these are hilarious. Every party should have glitter, right!? Pass these out to the kids (or adults!) to cheer along, use them as food and dessert toppers or save them for a surprise favor.

DIY Mini Glitter Foam Fingers

DIY Glitter Foam Fingers for the Super Bowl

All Photos by Studio DIY

Are you throwing a Super Bowl party!? If you are glitterizing anything for it, let me know (and send pics!)! Don’t forget to print your Super Bowl commercial rating signs too and look for a new Super Bowl printable bingo later this week!

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