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DIY Glitter Tray


DIY Glitter Tray |

Since our floating glitter tumbler was such a hit, we started looking at what other fun stuff we could fill with glitter… and we found this tray! You can make a DIY glitter tray for your desk (it’s the perfect letter size!) or to hold makeup or jewelry, the works! I use these trays to hold all my nail polish. Whatever it is, it’s filled with glitter. So you need it.
DIY Glitter Tray |
DIY Glitter Tray |

 DIY Glitter Tray | DIY Glitter Tray |
DIY Glitter Tray | DIY Glitter Tray | 

DIY Glitter Tray

Total Time: 30 minutes


Acrylic Custom Photo Tray
Assortment of Glitter
Computer Paper
Hot Glue Gun


1. Combine your different glitters in a bowl until you have a mix that you like.
2. Pour some of the glitter mixture onto a piece of computer paper and slip the end of the paper into the opening of the tray. Pour the glitter inside. If you want the glitter to be able to move around like ours does, you'll want to fill up about 1/2 to 3/4 of the tray. If you want it to just be completely glittered and not move around, you can fill the whole thing!
3. Once you're happy with how much glitter is in the tray, it's time to seal it up! You're going to fill the edge of the opening with hot glue to close it off. Run a thin line of glue right inside the opening of the tray, working a few inches at a time. If you got any excess glue on the outside of the opening, you can wipe it off before it sets completely. It's best to hold the tray over a piece of paper the first time you tip it over to make sure you didn't miss any spots, just in case you did! Then go back and fill it in.

DIY Glitter Tray |
DIY Glitter Tray |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Craft Production + Styling by Annie Steward | Creative Direction by Kelly Mindell

Other Sources: Necklace | Matches | OK Vases | Brass Hashtag | Passport Holder

Now, I’m off to find what else I can fill with glitter…!

p.s. #GOALS!


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