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The Best Cake in Los Angeles


The Best Cake in Los Angeles |

I may be known for donuts, but if it comes down to the REAL truth… cake is my favorite dessert. It always has been and it always will be. You can’t beat it. Cupcakes, they’re fine. But cake. CAKE is where I live. Perfect frosting to cake ratio in every bite. So good. So, I forced everyone in the office to participate in a hunt for the best cakes in Los Angeles. Man, I’m a mean boss, huh?

We searched high and low and found the best rated cakes in the city… and our favorites along the way! And all of the places we tested allow you to get just a slice or mini cake, because… moderation. Or something like that. 😉 Check ’em out.

Best Cake in Los Angeles | Best Cake in Los Angeles |

Best Cake in Los Angeles | Best Cake in Los Angeles |

Republique is probably one of LA’s most gorgeous restaurants, so you should go for that alone. But they also have some amazing baked goods… including this infamous chocolate caramel cake. And yes, it is that rich.
Our Fave: Chocolate Caramel Cake

Susie Cakes
Annie always talks about Susie Cakes and their funfetti actually ended up being both Annie and Samantha’s favorite of the whole bunch! It was probably the best funfetti I’ve had. They have a couple locations across the city to check out!
Our Faves: Vanilla Celebration Cake (aka Funfetti!) and Old-Fashioned 6-Layer Chocolate Cake

Best Cake in Los Angeles | Best Cake in Los Angeles |

Alcove Cafe & Bakery
My favorite of the bunch was the red velvet at Alcove, located in Los Feliz. It’s really all in the cream cheese frosting, and it wasn’t too sweet, which is exactly what I look for.
Our Faves: Red Velvet and Mississippi Mud

Short Cake
This baker at the Grove ranked pretty high in our cookie test, so we went back for cake! And you can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate right!? Right. There’s even caramel thrown in! And it’s just gorgeous.
Our Faves: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Best Cake in Los Angeles | Best Cake in Los Angeles |

Proof Bakery
Widely known for their chocolate chip cookie, we had to circle back for this chocolate espresso number. Oooh the layers in this had me like… *heart eyes emoji*.
Our Fave: Chocolate Espresso

Magnolia Bakery
I love how classic Magnolia’s cakes look and same goes for the whole shop. If you have a vision of a perfect “birthday cake” in your mind, it’s Magnolia’s. Perfect frosting, perfect sprinkles. SO PRETTY!
Our Fave: Classic Birthday Cake (Vanilla with Chocolate)

Best Cake in Los Angeles | Best Cake in Los Angeles |

The Village Bakery + Cafe
If you’re down with cake, but not a fan of frosting, bundt cakes are your BFF! The Village Bakery has quite the selection, too.
Our Fave: Blueberry Poppyseed

Milk is pretty famous for their electric blue cake (which they were out of when we went, but I’ve had before and it IS delicious) but their chocolate cake? Woah baby! They warned me that it was intense, and it totally was in the best of ways. This girl loves chocolate cake! *Hand Raised!*
Our Faves: 3X Chocolate Cake + Blue Velvet Cake

Best Cake in Los Angeles | Best Cake in Los Angeles |

Cake Monkey
Cake Monkey has quickly become one of our favorite bakeries in the city. I love their mini sized cakes because they are the perfect size, and so darn adorable. The crunch cake has a toffee crunch which I’m obsessed with. In addition to their minis, they slice one larger cake a day! I vote you get both. #moreismore
Our Fave: Cake Monkey Crunch Cake

Joan’s on Third
Classic flavors, well done. I was a huge fan of their Crown Cake, and I love that the slices aren’t so gigantic you can finish them without feeling too bad about it.
Our Faves: Crown Cake + Carrot Cake

Best Cake in Los Angeles | Best Cake in Los Angeles |

I credit Doughboys with introducing me to Hummingbird cake, and I love them for that. Doughboys is one of our favorite comfort food spots in the city and they have the cutest little cakes! Famous for their red velvet, but hummingbird owns my heart.
Our Fave: Hummingbird

Sweet Lady Jane
These slices are so tall and so pretty, and the triple berry was probably in my top three favorites. I love going to this bakery because it feels so classic, fancy and old school!
Our Fave: Triple Berry Shortcake

Best Cake in Los Angeles |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Map by Striped Cat Studio

Smiley Plates | Triangle Plates
Solid Round Plates | Gold Rim Plates (Mine were holiday, but those are similar!)

What’s your favorite kind of cake? Do you have a favorite cake in your city!? TELLL ME! I need to make an epic list. I’m always looking for slices of cake, not cupcakes. Share the secrets, you guys!


  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oh! I love these guides so much kelly! Awesome! And all the cake looks delicious!

  • Kristina B

    DOOOOOD This post is kill-ing-ME! I’m glad I was already eating when I read it otherwise I’d have jumped through my monitor. And who are these “Frosting’s not for me” people? I will never understand you.

    OKAY. Boston cake. Ready?

    Number one, all-time, a-freakin-mazing cake is Party Favors in Brookline. You can smell the frosting out on the STREET. And they know how to make a rose like WHOA. No messing around. It’s like another level of cake. Cake HEAVEN. CAKE NIRVANA. CAKE VALHALLA.

    2) Sweet. Locations all over town but I hit the one in Harvard Square. Perfect if you like classic vanilla and chocolate but one time they had a cupcake made with pancake batter (!!!!) and a little syrup dispenser to put over the top!

    3) Cake Bar allll the way out in Franklin, MA. My BFF brought me a cupcake from there and I almost died. The chocolate buttercream is heaven.

    4) Kick-Ass Cupcakes in Davis Sq, Somerville. The cupcakes are not my fave but the name is a hoot and they have really fun flavors like Margarita.

    5) We also have Georgetown Cupcakes (like the show) on Newbury St which I’m like “ehhhh” because of the hype but they really do make a fine cupcake. And it’s really cute inside.

    Ok come to Boston now k? K. We haz donuts too.

  • Sarah

    I live in Pittsburgh! Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte has often been voted the best cake in the country ( If you ever find yourself in the Steel City, make sure you try it! 🙂


  • Lynne

    My favorite type of cake is Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I love these round ups. I wish I was eating cake right now!

  • Kim

    I can’t believe the Paradise Cake from King’s Hawaiian is not on here! Also…you need to eat some asian cakes. I dont know from where in LA (maybe chinatown) but in OC there are a ton of asian bakeries that make the best cakes!!!

  • Taylor Winkelmeyer

    Okay… this post is NOT helping with my New Year’s diet… Now I have to go try all these cakes. GREAT round up.
    ox Taylor |

  • karen

    two more los angeles cake purveyors – big sugar in studio city and auntie ems in eagle rock!

  • Mama California

    Where’s the bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Sherman Oaks? They’re great!

  • Rebecca

    First – I am so very glad you are in LA! I get to take advantage of all your hard work.

    Second – If you’re ever in Houston it is imperative that you go to Moeller’s Bakery. Their white cake is so good that my loving parents are willing to buy one, bring it with them on a plane as a carry on, and give it to me for my birthday.

  • Jessica


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