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DIY “I Am Thankful For…” Balloon


The rumors are true. Thanksgiving is just not my favorite holiday to craft for. Its typical hues and motifs just aren’t my thing, but with some convincing this year, I decided to give it a go… Studio DIY style. Which explains why this is probably the only Thanksgiving DIY you’ll see this year that involves balloons! Would you expect anything less!? The idea behind this “I Am Thankful For…” balloon is to let each of your guest pen what they’re thankful for that year on one balloon, so everyone can see just all that there is to be grateful for in their lives! Display it proudly, and chow DOWN on some food. Deal?

DIY "I Am Thankful For" Balloon

DIY Gilded Balloons

36″ Balloon
Liquid Gilding
Paint Brush
Chalk (Optional, for sketching)

I started by lightly sketching out my “I Am Thankful For” phrase with chalk on the balloon. (I looked up a font I liked on teh computer, and modeled mine after that!) Then, I dipped my paint brush in the liquid gilding and went over the chalk lines. And yes, that’s it!

DIY Thanksgiving Balloons

And yes, now that I have a whole plethora of Geronimo’s frill, you will be seeing it popping up here and there! I mean, how could I resist!? You could also tie streamers or ribbon to the balloon. Then provide a gold paint pen for your Thanksgiving guests to write what they’re thankful for on the balloon!

DIY "I Am Thankful For" Balloon DIY "I Am Thankful For" Balloon

All Photos by Studio DIY / Frill by Geronimo Balloons

I have a few more fun Turkey Day DIYs headed your way these next few weeks! Stay tuned!

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