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DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs


Sometimes my most favorite ideas come at the very last minute. Yesterday, Brittni and I were chatting about some ice cream themed projects, as all normal friends do, and a few hours later I was like… ice cream cone EASTER EGGS! So I ran to the grocery store, grabbed all those typical ice cream fixings, but replaced the ice cream with an egg! Oh yeah, this will confuse the family a bit, huh!? But how fun are these!? And since everything is edible, it makes for a delicious good time! Turn the eggs into mini cakes and you have yourself the perfect non-traditional Easter dessert, my friends.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs
DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Ready for some fun faux-sundaes!?

DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

White Jumbo Eggs*
Ice Cream Cones
Hot Fudge

*There are a few options for what to do with the actual egg. You can simply hardboil it and confuse those kiddos of yours! Or, you can hallow out the egg and turn them into mini cakes!

DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

1. Set your egg in the cone, upside down. Squeeze your hot fudge on the top of the egg, letting it drip down the sides.
2. Add sprinkles and top with a cherry! (Yep, it’s that simple!)

DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Sorry, I just can’t take it! These guys are KILLING me, masquareading as ice cream in all their glory.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs
DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

All Photos by Studio DIY

Apparently I like to turn things into ice cream… remember these waffle bowl cakes!? I’m sad to say that this is my last Easter post of the season! With pineapples, swans and a little confetti… I’d say it was a good run! ‘Till next year!


  • Brittni

    Girl! You know I love these. I wish my brain worked like yours – these are so cute and clever. I would definitely hollow them out and turn them into mini cakes.

  • Jamie

    I’m not the biggest fan of Easter. But your DIYs are so darn awesome for this holiday, I’m rethinking my position. Flamingoes… ice cream cones!? Cut it out.

  • Marie

    How fun, I love Easter, and I enjoy all holidays in fact! Great idea, do they lick the eggs first, then peel them?

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