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DIY Mini Tassel Garland


Alright people, let’s be real. This isn’t the first tassel garland you’ve seen and it most certainly be the last but here’s the dealio. I’ve been working on some various tassel ideas for another project (A fun one!) and this garland just kind of… happened! Pink tissue, gold tape.. somehow it all became an itty bitty fringey garland (I do love me some fringe!). I just couldn’t resist. And I bet you can’t either! So even though my theme this year is “Giant is the new mini,” I’m giving mini one more shot.

DIY Mini Tassel Garland

Mini Tassel Garland

DIY Tissue Paper Tassels

Tissue Paper
Gold Tape (I bought this at an art supply store, you can also find it here. And I’m obsessed with it!)
Twine or String
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat (Ideally gridded for easy measuring)

Quick confession: I just finally bought a rotary cutter. And it is awesome, especially for this project. You’ll want to cut your tissue into 1/4″ wide strips that are about 5 inches long. You can cut through several layers at a time and you’ll need at least 20 strips per tassel.

DIY Mini Tassels DIY Mini Tissue Paper Tassels

Cut your piece of twine to the length you want your garland to be. Stack twenty strips on top of each other and fold them over your twine.

DIY Mini Tissue Tassels Mini Tissue Paper Tassels

Now you’ll want to pinch the strips to make the next step easier. While still pinching them together, wrap a piece of gold tape (about one inch long) around the top of your tassel.

Tissue Paper Tassels Tassel Garland

Continue with as many tassels as your little heart desires and you are dunzo!

DIY MIni Tassel Garland Tutorial

This garland would be super cute as a cake topper and I also would love to see a bunch of them in all different colors (umm.. rainbow!?) hanging out together.

DIY Mini Tassel Garlands

Mini Tassel Garland DIY

All Photos by Studio DIY

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