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DIY Rainbow Fascinator


Are you ready for a St. Patrick’s Day DIY bonanza!? (Hope you stocked your tool kit!) In true Studio DIY fashion, you’re in for two weeks of St. Patty’s appropriate DIY projects to get you ready for March 17th, and a few you can use for other parties throughout the year, too. Like this one, a rainbow fascinator! Rainbow hues certainly aren’t limited to just one day (Thank goodness!) and you could adapt this to all sorts of color palettes! Outside of an Irish bash, you could make them for a tea party, bridal shower or anything else that requires some fancy-pants hair ware! Let’s do this!

DIY Rainbow Fascinator

DIY Rainbow Fascinator Supplies

Tissue Paper in Rainbow Colors
Hot Glue

Cut two six inch squares of each color of tissue paper. Pinch each square in the middle and tightly twist, as shown below.

DIY Rainbow Fascinator for Parties How To Make A Fascinator

DIY Rainbow Fascinator Party Hat

Grab your red, orange and yellow tissues “poofs” (that’s six total!) and pinch them all together with your fingers. Twist them and then wrap tightly with tape. You won’t see the tape (it will be hidden under the tissue) so use as much as you need. Make sure the tape catches all six pieces by giving them a slight pull. If any come out, you’ll need to add more tape to secure them. Repeat this process with your green, blue and purple tissue poofs now.

DIY Tissue Paper Rainbow Party Hat Party Fascinator DIY

Hot glue your red, orange and yellow section to your headband.

Colorful Party Fascinator Rainbow Party Fascinator

Now glue your green, blue and purple section going  in the opposite direction to your headband. The two sections should overlap slightly when glued. Fan out your tissue poofs to cover your tape and to make sure you can see all the colors.

DIY Rainbow Party Hat Rainbow Fascinator DIY

Put on your fascinator and get your party on!

DIY Tissue Paper Rainbow Fascinator

All Photos by Studio DIY

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